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Google Now Qualifying Display Ad Clicks

Google recently announced that they are working to improve click quality for display ads by preventing accidental clicks on the ad. This would make the experience better for both the advertiser and the user.
Display ads function differently than search ads due to the fact that they are simply placed on a page in front of a user while the user is doing something else. They’re not searching for a product or business; the ad is just in front of them. Therefore these ads can accumulate quite a lot of accidental clicks when users are trying to close out of the ad, click on something nearby or click on white space the moment the ad appears. This results in budget being spent without any revenue or goal completions obtained for the marketer, as well as frustrating the user when they’re taken to a page they didn’t want to go to.
Now Google is trying to help make display advertising more appealing to the marketer in that those clicks that seem to be accidental will no longer cost the advertiser. Hopefully this will help improve the quality of visitors obtained within the budget constraints and improve advertisers’ bottom line. Here’s what Google stated in their blog as the changes going forward to prevent accidental clicks:Mobile Display Ad Clickability
1. Blocking clicks that happen close to the image edge: Now users must click on a more central part of the image to navigate to an advertiser’s website or app from their mobile device.
2. Blocking clicks on the app icon: On in-app interstitial ads, users will no longer be able to click on the app icon of an install ad given its proximity to the ad close button. Instead, users must click on the call-to-action button to visit an app store page and install the app.
3. Adding a clickability delay: Ads will only become clickable after they’ve been onscreen for a short period of time. This gives users enough time to examine the content of an ad and helps eliminate accidental clicks from users who didn’t expect to see an ad.

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