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The 3 Priorities in Content Marketing. Here’s Why.

Content marketing is a relatively new concept and can be complicated. So what really matters to achieve success? Check out our recent video from Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen, who joined Perficient Digital through our acquisition of digital consultancy Stone Temple, where they outline the top three priorities to get the best ROI from your […] Resizeimage 70

Why You Should Be Marketing to People Instead of Computers

It takes a lot of effort to capture a potential customer’s attention and make a sale, but retention is just as tricky. Customers want to see information that is relevant to them and their experience with your brand, and when they see content that isn’t applicable, they begin to tune out future content you present. […]

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Deepening Our Content and SEO Skills with Stone Temple Consulting

Today, Perficient announced that it has acquired Stone Temple Consulting, Inc., a Boston-based $9 million annual revenue digital marketing agency. Stone Temple has an incredible reputation for delivering excellent search engine optimization and content marketing solutions. Perficient helps many of our clients with digital marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and content services. By acquiring […]

The Plethora of Digital Platforms: Which One is Right for You?

So many channels, countless vendor options The rapidly growing marketing technology landscape is converging around content, customer data, marketing, and commerce. The marketing technologies landscape diagram from Scott Brinker best illustrates the complexities we face as marketers.  In January 2014, there were 947 vendors listed. By 2015, the number of vendors exploded to nearly 2,000. CMOs and […]

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Transforming Technology Obstacles into Opportunities

Just as the promise of technology in marketing is undeniable, so are the challenges many companies face when integrating it with their marketing. In many organizations, marketing teams aren’t reaching their potential in digital marketing, frequently due to technological obstacles, whether internal or external. “Kovalev v Szilagyi 2013 Fencing WCH SMS-IN” by Marie-Lan Nguyen is licensed under CC-BY […]

Sponsored Social is All Grown Up

Over the past few years, we have watched social advertising trying to find it’s feet. According to a recent study, social ads have moved out of the toddler phase and they are walking right onto the budget sheets of traditional advertising. 52 percent of companies now have a stand-alone Sponsored Social budget for their brand and […]

6 Common Misses When Importing Adwords Campaigns into Bing Ads

Bing Ads contributes to about 20% of the search engine market share (however it may decrease slightly over the next year due to the new Microsoft-Yahoo search partnership agreement). That’s nothing to sneeze at and definitely deserves some of your marketing time and budget. Simply importing your Google account into Bing Ads is extremely easy […]

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B2B2C: The Next Wave of Digital Marketing

Over the last several years, the digital marketing revolution has moved outward from B2C brands into the B2B companies. This wave of change has seen massive changes in retail and the death of numerous brands that were not able to compete in the new digitized landscape. Consumer’s increased expectations are now affecting B2B interactions, and companies […]

What PPCers Need to Know About the Bing/Yahoo Partnership Update

Back in 2010, Yahoo and Microsoft came together in a search partnership to essentially team up against their giant competitor Google. By partnering, search results on both websites would be run by the same system, Bing Ads. This was beneficial for PPC managers for many reasons. When the two accounts were separate, PPC managers had […]

5 Reasons Why Param Insertion Is Better Than Keyword Insertion

This is the third post in a 3-part series, so if you haven’t already read my other posts about Bing Ads param insertion, be sure to check out part 1, where I explain what it is, and part 2, where I give examples of how to use it in your ads. You might be thinking that […]

3 Effective Strategies for Bing Parameter Insertion

As I discussed in my last post, parameter insertion is a great way to customize and optimize your ad copy within Bing Ads. Below, I’ve listed three of the most effective and common strategies used to optimize ad copy. You may use your three fields in whatever way makes the most sense to you, but […]

Intro to Bing Ads’ Parameter Insertion for Ad Optimization

If you’re not using parameter fields in Bing Ads yet to customize your ad copy, I highly suggest giving them a shot. They are extremely effective in making your ads more relevant while also helping to make your job a little easier by preventing the need to manage as many ad groups as you may […]

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