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The 3 Priorities in Content Marketing. Here’s Why.

Content marketing is a relatively new concept and can be complicated. So what really matters to achieve success? Check out our recent video from Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen, who joined Perficient Digital through our acquisition of digital consultancy Stone Temple, where they outline the top three priorities to get the best ROI from your […] Resizeimage 70

Why You Should Be Marketing to People Instead of Computers

It takes a lot of effort to capture a potential customer’s attention and make a sale, but retention is just as tricky. Customers want to see information that is relevant to them and their experience with your brand, and when they see content that isn’t applicable, they begin to tune out future content you present. […]

The Key Differences Between B2B and B2C Personalization

As consumers, we know what we expect from a personalized experience. We might see this put into action by our favorite retailers, through online ads and email marketing promotions created around our past behavior or buying decisions. But those same tactics and approaches don’t apply to B2B marketing. There are several differences in the B2C […]

Social Media Can Help Search Campaigns. Here’s Why.

Social media can be a valuable asset to your SEO efforts, but not in the way most people think. Google doesn’t rank social media links the same way it does other site links. So while your link may be getting engagement on social, it doesn’t influence how Google ranks linked content. Check out our recent […]

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Deepening Our Content and SEO Skills with Stone Temple Consulting

Today, Perficient announced that it has acquired Stone Temple Consulting, Inc., a Boston-based $9 million annual revenue digital marketing agency. Stone Temple has an incredible reputation for delivering excellent search engine optimization and content marketing solutions. Perficient helps many of our clients with digital marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and content services. By acquiring […]

Ready to Share Insights & Expertise at IRCE 2016

We are so excited to exhibit at this year’s IRCE, the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition. It’s next week, June 7-10, at McCormick Place West in Chicago. Leaders from our new digital agency, Perficient Digital, will be at IRCE to talk about the agency’s six core disciplines: Strategy and planning Digital marketing Experience design Digital […]

Why Are Your Conversion Rates Not Higher

Why Are Your Conversion Rates Not Higher?

At this point, I’ve started to explain the importance of prioritizing optimization efforts in order to see the best results in the shortest amount of time. In the previous posts I’ve told you about where to start testing and what to test.  The final piece of the puzzle is to explain why to start testing. […]

First Steps In Finding What To Improve On Your Website

First Steps in Finding What To Improve on Your Website

In our previous post, I explained a little bit about where we look for test ideas. After identifying the where, the next question is what should I test? To discover what to test, our team uses specific tools to gather insights that give us a better understanding of what people are doing on top opportunity […]

Where To Start Your Conversion Optimization Plan

Where to Start Your Conversion Optimization Plan

In order to prioritize your conversion optimization plan, we need to prioritize how to begin your A/B testing strategy. In order to do this, we need to figure out where what and why. Understanding the where what and why will help you prioritize the most important areas of opportunity on your website. In this post, […]

Are You Converting Prospects Into Customers?

By now, you’ve probably heard of or seen some of these digital acronyms: SEM, PPC, SEO, CTA, ROAS…CRO?   CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization, is, simply put, the process of turning potential customers into customers, and then turning those customers into repeat customers.  Breaking it down a little more, a conversion occurs when a user […]

The Plethora of Digital Platforms: Which One is Right for You?

So many channels, countless vendor options The rapidly growing marketing technology landscape is converging around content, customer data, marketing, and commerce. The marketing technologies landscape diagram from Scott Brinker best illustrates the complexities we face as marketers.  In January 2014, there were 947 vendors listed. By 2015, the number of vendors exploded to nearly 2,000. CMOs and […]

Google Removing All Right Side PPC Ads

Last Friday, rumors started circulating that Google planned to remove all PPC ads on the right-hand side of search results. These rumors have now been confirmed by Google. Today, final changes to the roll-out will be completed. Google has removed paid search ads from the right side of the search results page, reportedly due to […]

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