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Empower Your Sellers in Real-Time with Salesforce Engage



With the Salesforce acquisition of ExactTarget in 2013, and subsequently Pardot, we have been anticipating exciting growth for Salesforce in the area of marketing automation. In Summer ’15 we’re going to see an exciting new feature released called “Salesforce Engage”. This new feature is an extension of Pardot’s marketing automation solution integrated directly into Salesforce. In today’s blog we’ll explore some of these cool new features that make Salesforce Engage an exciting tool for sales reps on the go.

First of all, what is Salesforce Engage? Great question. Well, Salesforce Engage is a solution that allows marketing and sales to work together to deliver a consistent message at the right time to prospects through Salesforce thereby increasing their company’s selling power. Having this solution within Salesforce, (integrated into the main tool that sales reps use to connect with their prospects) provides your sales team with a wide range of powerful tools to engage contacts, nurture prospects, and measure progress. Imagine for a minute being a busy sales rep and having a dashboard of your prospect’s interactions right within CRM, allowing you to identify potentially hot leads and send them beautifully designed, personalized emails directly from Salesforce. Then if you’re wondering how your endeavors are performing the system even provides you with reports showing you the results of your campaigns. All in one place!

Mobile Access

It’s mobile! Salesforce Engage is available on Salesforce1. Sales reps will be able to reach out to prospects even when they’re on the go working from their mobile device. Through Salesforce1 sales reps will be able to use Salesforce Engage to filter their prospects, view their prospect’s actions, and add them to available campaigns for continued nurturing. On a plane, sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a client, etc. no matter where you are you are still plugged in and can continue to work with your prospects.

Gmail Integration

Does your company use Gmail? With Salesforce Engage you can integrate your corporate email solution with your ability to send, and track, rich content right from within Gmail. Salesforce Engage provides a plugin that can be accessed directly from Gmail and gives your sales reps the ability to use templates provided by the marketing team. These emails can also then be tracked through Salesforce Engage.

Gmail Salesforce Engage

Real-time Alerts

Desktop Alerts can be installed on a system to provide real-time alerts in the form of pop ups based on filters you configure that are important to your sales cycle. Having this information instantly available allows a sales rep to immediately be aware of a hot prospect even when they’re not logged into Salesforce.

Campaign Performance Reports

Last, but certainly not least, Salesforce Engage provides a reports and dashboard platform to help sales and marketing so you can monitor and understand what tactics are performing and the impact on pipeline. Engage Dashboards show information like clicks, pages opened, click through rates, email effectiveness, and more.

Salesforce Engage reports

Using Salesforce Engage, sales reps will see qualified and ranked information on prospects with a history of their activities. It allows sales reps to plan out their day, knowing where to focus making them more efficient. Think of Salesforce Engage as a well-polished set of tools that Sales Reps can use to know precisely when to reach out to a prospect and have the right information ready to send. It’s combining the creative power of intelligent marketing with the razor-sharp skills of a knowledgeable empowered sales representative to create a super team all built on the Salesforce platform.

For more information, contact us (a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner) for a discussion on how we can help you get ready for your Salesforce Engage implementation.

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