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Cloud Trend #2: Sell Smarter, Sell Faster

We all know the benefits of sales force automation and the need for a CRM system to manage your business. However, the future of CRM for your sales organization goes well beyond just managing your contacts and entering leads and opportunities. It’s about having the tools and the technologies at your fingertips to help you sell smarter and […]

Empower Your Sellers in Real-Time with Salesforce Engage

  With the Salesforce acquisition of ExactTarget in 2013, and subsequently Pardot, we have been anticipating exciting growth for Salesforce in the area of marketing automation. In Summer ’15 we’re going to see an exciting new feature released called “Salesforce Engage”. This new feature is an extension of Pardot’s marketing automation solution integrated directly into […]

CNX15: CRM Strategies to Accelerate Pipeline Growth with Pardot

  The structure and relationship between traditional B2B marketing and sales has long been separate functions.  Sales feels marketing should deliver the best leads, and more of them.  While marketing has been focused on volume over quality.  It is not a novel concept to talk about marketing and sales evolving into a symbiotic relationship vs […]