New Capabilities in Azure Storage – Ignite 2015

ignite main
New Design Patterns

  • Application Layer Encryption
  • Encrypt storage data in your apps – auto encrypt and decrypt prior to receiving and after receiving storage. Key vault service is integrated for users to send their keys.
  • Seamless integration – blobs (full blob upload)
  • Direct Data Access (enables clients to access storage directly) using delegated AuthZ
  • Shared access signature – Isolate containers, blobs, storage to set read/write permissions and set a time period for access, IP (address or range), Protocol (http or https)
  • Large Scale Append
  • New blob type called AppendBlob – Optimized for large scale logging scenarios
  • High Availability Apps

Read only access to secondary delivers 99.99% on reads (code needs to support a read only mode)
Premium Storage is available now
Coming Soon

  • Tech support now available for Azure Files
  • Storage support for new resource manager
  • Client Side encryption library
  • iOS Client Library

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