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Where’s The Amazon Dash Button For Pharma?



The Amazon Dash Button was released earlier this week. It works like this: A button is provided by Amazon for a specific product. If you want that product, you press the button on a wireless, keychain-like device and your order for that item is automatically placed. No need to log into your computer or phone. 

This makes me think. A lot. About the endless opportunities this type of technology creates for Amazon and other companies, like those that sell over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Naturally, medications are items many of us use regularly, if not daily. And often times, it’s essential to have them replenished in time. How many times have you run out of your prescription and then had to skip a day or two before you received a refill?

What if, with a push of a button, you could put that refill in? Maybe it’s not via the Amazon Dash Button, but rather the prescription pill bottle cap that’s tied to your pharmacy’s system? Or maybe it’s the Amazon Dash button for that OTC heartburn medication? Or maybe it’s via a wireless device provided directly by the product manufacturer?

With such technology and innovation, everyone wins. More sales = Happy companies. Improved medication adherence = Happier and healthier patients.

Bravo, Amazon, for being the first.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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