Customers, Clouds, and the Comforts of Home

Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience conferences take place this week in Vegas, with CRM veterans and newbies in attendance. As some attendees might recall, before its acquisition by Oracle in 2011, RightNow Technologies had a memorable slogan: Helping rid the world of bad experiences one consumer interaction at a time. Of course, for many people, bad experiences and a trip to Las Vegas go hand in hand, even without a hangover. Still, many OracleCX15 attendees are hearing about some very positive changes this week.
Healthcare organizations are aware that, for many patients, an office visit can be more than a minor inconvenience. Sometimes it requires finding a way to take time off work, or making complicated or expensive travel arrangements. And a doctor’s office never feels as comfortable or private as one’s own home. When it’s difficult for a patient to make or keep appointments, the provider suffers as well.

In addition, organizations face regulatory pressures that impede innovation. According to Perficient professional services consultant Sheri Hastings, “It’s tough to personalize service, and even tougher in a regulated environment where providing inconsistent information could result in noncompliance penalties. Because these penalties can be staggering, some enterprises stick to providing generic, consistent information—across channels and agents—rather than risk the liability.”

This week, Sheri Hastings will join Jan Guzik of Kaiser Permanente on Call and Davin Fifield of Oracle to discuss how healthcare organizations are addressing and overcoming these obstacles, using the cloud to enable online interviews and other communications between medical professionals and their patients. These relationships can include online routing of prescriptions to pharmacies and instructions for follow-up care, delivering personalized care that can turn a bad experience into something positive for all parties involved. The service, which can be implemented in just a few weeks, has been nominated for an Oracle Communications Innovation Award, recognizing customer achievements for innovative best practices and technology.

For more information on building a personalized online customer experience, download our guide, 10 Content Strategy Tips to Drive an Effective Personalized Digital Experience. .

Modern Customer Experience Conference Agenda

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