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Microsoft will bring Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi 2

win10rasberrypiFor the uninitiated, Raspberry Pi is an extremely popular low-cost (it only costs $35), credit-card sized¬†computer which took DIY computer scene by the storm about a year ago. This is a fully functional personal computer which could be plugged in to monitor (or TV) and with added keyboard and mouse could be used for.. well, anything. But because of its price and size it is very popular for IoT (“internet of things”) development. Of course, for $35 you can’t wish for a powerhouse, so Raspberry Pi 2 runs on 900 MHz quad-core ARM CPU and only have 1GB of memory.
Until recently, the only choice of OS for Raspberry Pi was Linux and it’s derivatives, but today Microsoft announced that it’s working with Raspberry Pi Foundation to bring Windows 10 support to the platform. And Windows 10 will be available for developers community free of charge through Windows Developer Program for IoT.
This is truly great news for both developer community and Microsoft. Developers will be able to utilize familiar development tools (like Visual Studio and .NET) and have access to popular and inexpensive hardware. And Microsoft will get a deeper market penetration in IoT.
Microsoft didn’t specify which Windows 10 version will be supported on Raspberry Pi 2, but since the computer is utilizing ARM CPU then it will be some sort of Windows 10 Mobile SKU (perhaps a Windows RT successor).

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