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Strategic Trends for 2015

trends_2015We are almost at the end of 2014. Time to check out the 2015 trends and compare with what has been the focus in 2014. Looking at the top 10 trends in Information Management, some things have changed and some have moved up or down the list.

However, the same old challenges pretty much remain. We saw a significant emphasis on Data Visualization and Big Data push in 2014 and this trend will continue.

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Big Data remains in the top 10 in some shape or form, virtualization and cloud management is getting complex and is something organizations have to deal with. Especially hybrid cloud is becoming a part of the Enterprise Architecture fabric.

The common theme in all these trends are the complexity and the security / governance aspects.  Data sources, creation and management is lot different in the last 5 years than ever before. Enterprise data is not confined to the firewalls and corporate data centers. Data centers continue to evolve and the applications continue to reside outside the norm. Ownership, responsibility, quality and trust worthiness is becoming real complex. Knowing what to trust, filtering the noise from the real information is becoming partly art and science.

New era of data centers include cloud infrastructure (public and private), traditional enterprise data centers, Cloud applications and accessibility through variety of devices including personal devices. Forging a security framework and governing the data becomes lot more critical and urgent.

Having a disciplined Governance organization with agility to respond and manage business information becomes a critical component of successful Information management. As the complexity, vulnerability  and risk increases, forming and managing the policies to secure the corporate data is vital. Governing the information  goes beyond the responsibility of Information Technology. Gone are the days where Business can hand a wish list and IT builds an application. Business and IT has to work closely to create Governance policies and procedures  to tackle this paradigm shift.

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Thoughts on “Strategic Trends for 2015”

  1. “Data centers continue to evolve and the applications continue to reside outside the norm.”

    That’s because data is coming from outside the norm! Applications are getting sophisticated enough to “read” social media updates, which is not information you can easily classify in an Excel file.

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