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Sitecore 8 – A Modern Experience Management System

Written by Paul Plakut

Sitecore 8 Dashboard

Sitecore 8 Dashboard

In the beginning, there was content. Content fed search engines, which in turn helped to determine search engine rankings, and ultimately contributed to the overall success of a website. It was content that first engaged the user, content that earned user loyalty, and content that maintained website relevancy. All of that content needed a place to live, and as a result, Web Content Management Systems came to prominence.

But content alone, was not enough. Users wanted more. Users needed more. Users deserved more. Content – more importantly, good content – is hard to find, hard to present, and if users are not able to consume that content efficiently, they leave. As a result, experience that is specifically tailored to promote quality content is the most important component to a successful content strategy. To that point, Sitecore has finally released a product that unites all of the elements of content management with the extended ability to manage experience. Sitecore 8 features a robust suite of tools that enhance and automate marketing tasks by providing a platform that not only manages content, but also enriches that content with personalized experience.
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Over the next several days I will highlight some of the most powerful new or improved features of Sitecore 8. Please check back and get to know the future of CMS and the power of Experience Management.
First up:
Project Skynet – Predictive Analytics – Machine Learning – Multivariant Testing
While it’s not quite the life ending Skynet of the Terminator movies, Sitecore’s version of machine intelligence takes the automation of content personalization to a whole new level. Sitecore’s Skynet extends the existing Multivariate (A-B) Testing and personalization engines by introducing content recommendations based on predictive analytics. The system “learns” user behaviors over time, analyzes user tendencies, and recommends content based on a number of relevancy factors. Skynet can either automate the Multivariate Testing process, or assist content authors to make intelligent content decisions.
Coming up next:
Federated Experience Manager – FXM

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