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5 Reasons Why Ovum Calls Oracle’s Siebel CTMS a Market Leader

With a variety of clinical trial management systems (CTMS) on the market, determining which one is right for your organization can be difficult. Ovum, a leading technology research and advisory firm, recently released Decision Matrix: Selecting a CTMS Solution, 2013–14, a report that covers the clinical IT landscape, outlines critical factors that life sciences companies should consider during the CTMS selection process, and provides an analysis of several CTMS vendors.

While new CTMS solutions have entered the market in recent years, the report suggests Oracle’s Siebel CTMS is still the leading solution on the market.ovum-logo

Ovum cites the five following advantages of Siebel CTMS over other solutions:

  1. The flexibility and configurability Siebel CTMS offers enables organizations to use a single solution to manage a variety of different types of clinical trials.
  2. Oracle has the greatest breadth of functionality of CTMS solutions on the market and scores high in terms of interoperability.
  3. With the greatest geographical diversity among all vendors, as well as one of the largest number of installs and users, Oracle enjoys a major share of the CTMS market, which includes most of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and CROs.
  4. Oracle is uniquely positioned in the market due to its expertise in life sciences and breadth of clinical and pharmacovigilance technology solutions.
  5. Oracle is ahead of other CTMS vendors in terms of their development roadmap and is committed to the continued growth of Siebel CTMS, as can be seen with the new Open UI release.

The report also mentions the use of accelerators, such as Perficient’s ASCEND, which help expedite the implementation of Siebel CTMS and reduce costs. ASCEND is a pre-configured and enhanced version of Siebel CTMS that contains the most commonly requested CTMS features out-of-the-box. The solution drastically reduces the time and money needed to configure it for use; in fact, many organizations find that it needs no additional configuration and can be used as-is.

To read the Ovum report, click here.

To learn more about Perficient’s services and solutions related to Siebel CTMS, click here.

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