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Oracle SOA Suite 12c Released!

On 6/26/14 saw the release of Oracle SOA Suite 12c.

This release includes the re-architected Oracle WebLogic Server, plus the integration of Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus.

Here is a link to Oracle’s press release.

Some of the highlights for me are the following:

1. Templates

Re-usable pieces of configuration, such as Oracle Service Bus pipelines. We created a centralized proxy service error handler configuration under 11g. While the number of actions was minimal, it still required a copy/paste operation for each proxy and any change to that meant touching all those proxy services.

With template support, the change can be made in one place. Much more developer productivity as a result.

2. Oracle Service Bus development using JDeveloper

Up until now, Eclipse has been the IDE of choice for Oracle Service Bus development. Not to knock Eclipse, but when all other development is done in JDeveloper, there’s a little disconnect.

Additionally we can take advantage of JDeveloper’s new Maven support for build/deployments.

3. JSON and REST Support

JSON and REST support haven’t been first class citizens for SOA development and that now changes.

4. Cloud Integration

New support for the Oracle cloud adapters, allowing you to connect to Oracle Database Cloud and Oracle Java Cloud.

5. Oracle Managed File Transfer

Transferring files has gotten easier. File transfers can now be scheduled, data can be transformed using MFL and very large file transfers are supported.

I’ll post more after standing up an environment and testing the domain migration.


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