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Oracle ICS New Feature Highlights for 16.4.5

In December, Oracle released an update to ICS. Here I call out some new features worth noting: Integrations can now be scheduled to run and accept iCal expressions Expression Builder XPath enhancements support XPath axis and wildcard expressions REST 1.2 support Custom adapter upload and registration for those who create their own adapters Mapping errors […]

Oracle Integration Cloud Service Troubleshooting

While working with ICS, I’ve seen the following issues come up very occasionally: Integrations fail to activate with large stack traces Connection test fails with a general error immediately, without a timeout What works for me in these cases is to log out of the browser session and restart the browser.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Released

Oracle has announced an upgrade to FMW 12c, numbered For reference, see this link. The main change for this release is the addition of Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight. Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight gives business owners the ability to monitor key metrics of their enterprise in real time using pre-configured dashboards. A differentiating feature […]

Best Practices with Oracle Integration Cloud Service

This post touches on some lessons learned and what I consider best practices when developing ICS integration flows. All Integration Style/Patterns Map Actions and Complex Transformations If you’re using SQL with a Database adapter, always pass a binding variable. If you can’t use an Assign action, set the value in the Map instead of the […]

Orchestration with Oracle Integration Service Cloud

In a previous blog, I wrote briefly about some of the advantages of an Orchestration flow. In this article, I’m going to dig a little deeper into Orchestration flows and how to get the best use out of them. First, I’m going to show a sample Orchestration flow. This flow triggers from Account Updates from Oracle […]

An Introduction to Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is a cloud-based integration application designed to perform integrations between cloud-based applications – but also has capabilities that extend beyond that, to performing integrations with your on premises applications. Based on the great Oracle Service Bus application, ICS is designed to be more non-developer friendly and takes a different approach to creating integrations. […]

Teaching Oracle Service Bus 12c – Admin, Design & Integrate

We’re nominally signing up for an October 10th, 2016 class to teach Oracle Service Bus 12c: System Admin, Design & Integrate Accel Ed 1 in our offices in Houston, TX at the Galleria mall offices. What does “nominally” mean? It means that we register the class with Oracle University and if enough students sign up, I’ll teach it. If […]

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Build Composite Applications Classes

Once again I’ll be teaching the class titled Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Build Composite Applications in Houston, TX the week of December 5th, 2016. If anyone is interested in signing up for the class, visit the following link in the previous paragraph. Here is an overview of the course: This Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Build Composite […]

In-Process or Out-of-Process Coherence Result Set Caching?

Result set caching allows Oracle Service Bus to return a cached version of a service response based on particular elements for a request message. That is, if the same request is passed in, the cached response will be returned in milliseconds, assuming that the TTL (Time to Live) has not expired. If the entry is […]

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Released!

On 6/26/14 saw the release of Oracle SOA Suite 12c. This release includes the re-architected Oracle WebLogic Server, plus the integration of Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus. Here is a link to Oracle’s press release. Some of the highlights for me are the following: 1. Templates Re-usable pieces of configuration, such as Oracle […]

Announcing the SOA/BPM 11g Virtual Machine Appliance

I found this article on LinkedIn and wanted to share it. For those of you doing Oracle SOA/BPM Suite development, having a ready to go VM can save you a lot of time. Zero to SOA in Minutes! Now, who is looking forward to the Oracle SOA Suite 12c release?

WebCenter Portal 11g PS5 Released!

11g PS5 WebCenter has been released and can be downloaded from Oracle. The big changes for this release are around the areas of content management. For more information, see Oracle’s WebCenter Content blog. Jason Stortz has a nice write up of the new functionality here. One of the things he points out is changes to […]

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