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Digital Transformation

Demonstrating Great Digital Experiences at #IBMConnect

Background to demos: Fictitious  Greenwell bank needed to create a great digital experience while enabling their employees.   Focused on key business outcomes.  Three parts of the transformation

  1. Transform the customer experience via the web site
  2. Use analytics to create a loyalty program
  3. Launched a value added advisory service

Note: all major announcement at the bottom of this postGreenwell

Digital Experience

  • Site was all demoed via a tablet
  • The demo was really well setup for the tablet paradigm with accordion navigation and other easy to use sites.
  • Checking account showed transactions and even graphs on spending analysis
  • Personalization in this demo would come from the data hanging out in the background.
  • Content creation (via the tablet) was wysiwyg
    • They offered a deal template inline
    • The interface is going to be that much easier to use
    • They seem to have improved the image library
    • Not a surprise given their focus on digital asset management
  • Brightcove is now integrated to Portal and WCM
    • Brightcove is a full featured video creation, management, and streaming solution. (SaaS)
  • Highlighted the Mobile Worklight tool that lets you create mobile apps and also surface that on the reponsive web site.
    • Personalization is included in Worklight and WCM within it.
  • IBM Interact (part of the old Unica) is now integrated directly into the site.  It’s a real time campaign management integration
    • Drop the portlet
    • pick the offer or campaign
    • Pick any more content you want associated
  • Collaboration zone on the “consumer site”  shows the community / social platforms from Connections
  • Highlighted web analytics integration.  That means that Portal/WCM is fully integrated to Coremetrics (for a while now) and that integrates to IBM Interact and Campaign which  then integrates back to Portal / WCM
    • Dashboard integration now shows a lot more info as you look at the site.
  • Highlighted Tealeaf integration on the site as well.  It was relatively easy before but they have made progress making it more out of the box.

Smarter Workforce

This highlighted the social functions and talent suite from Kenexa.

  • HR role has changed dramatically. Now responsible for more and better outcomes. How do you engage your employees and harness the talent at your company
  • Highlight “IBM Kenexa Talent Suite”
  • Homepage for the SaaS suite has Connections, portal, and Kenexa integrated
  • Hiring app
    • Lets you process internal and external candidates
    • Looks at various social streams as part of the process
    • Let’s you define assessment scores using the behavioral science behind Kenexa.
  • Onboarding app
    • not just about completing and tracking a bunch of forms
    • Highest point of employee engagement is just before they start the new job
    • Start building social networks
    • begin training
    • see the videos
  • Performance app
    • look at performance, compensation, and succession planning
    • Get a snapshot of who is best suited to take on new roles
    • Helps define the best person and leverage internal talent first
    • Let’s you focus on who is your top talent and harvesting that data to push back into recruiting
  • Learning
    • Connections involved
    • video integration, commenting, all integrated to the social network.
  • Surveys
    • Integrated and with comments
    • Allows you to do sentiment analysis on that data
    • Analysis also highlights the top themes from comments
  • Mobile feedback app
    • get real time feedback
  • Career site
    • focus on brand relationship with candidates
    • Communicate brand and culture
    • Attract the right people.
    • (assume the oob site framework is part of the Talent Suite)
  • Manager Insights
    • reports on compensation, retention trends
    • Will use Watson Foundations to do a variety of what if scenraios. (ok anything with Watson is cool)

Greenwell Product Transformation (e.g. Connections)

  • Goal: get products to market quickly
  • IBM Mail next
    • Mail integrates with social
    • this makes mail look completely different.
    • Different views lets  you see a dashboard, mail, organization views
    • Mute threads: focus on that later
    • easy search
    • show conversation in email and see all the files as part of the conversation
    • Move conversations to the community
    • I have to say this is impressive. They are trying to reinvent email and make it easier to manage that huge inbox
    • Allows offline access to mail and archives
  • Connections next
    • new notification center for real time alerts
    • Updated activity stream looks nice
    • You can build custom streams. Launch team for example
    • It has a much nicer “getting started” set of screens.  It’s wizard based.
    • Communities have a better iconic approach. It’s reminiscent of Metro
    • Communities have a nice stream that’s more graphical
    • Questions are part of communities
      • Hooked into analytics that tries to identify experts who can answer and then post the question to their activity stream.
      • That’s cool
    • Records meetings
    • Files interface is updated. Looks nice.C
    • Communities
      • Makes it easier to add external users.  Past version have had challenges with internal and external users.  I suspect this easy to add external users feature has a lot on the back end to ensure security.
    • Mobile
      • File sync is easier
      • Send any file to any device
      • Sync files on load of mobile app
      • Mobile app lets you define your favorites with one tap access
      • History view of everything accessed by date.
      • Lots of effort here to let you navigate a lot of content, communities, etc.
    • Employee portal
      • Like previous versions, you can push Connections to Portal
      • Added the analytics to find experts.   Also integrated to portal
      • This is new functionality that improves the expertise location.  Connections gets smarter
      • They hint at the ability to more easily integrate communities to external systems
        • Talked about the extensive api set.
        • Hard to tell what’s oob and what’s custom development
        • Even if it’s custom development, the ability to customize communities would be outstanding.

Summary of annoouncements

  • Digital experience Next beta is open
    • Supports vanity urls
    • Brightcove integration
    • Significant new rich text editing. (sounds like an upgrade from Ephox)
    • Much better integration of content to IBM eCommerce
  • Portlet to integrate to IBM’s Unica
  • Scripting portlet – give the citizen developer more power
  • IBM Kenexa Talent Suite
  • First release of IBM Social Learning
  • Survey advantage on cloud
  • Watson Foundations now available to report on knowledge in HR
  • Lots of focus on integration across the portfolio.  A
  • Key rebrand: Mail, Social, etc will be rebranded to Connections
    • Connections mail
    • Connections chat
    • Connections meetings
    • etc.
  • Radical revamp on mail.  This is radical.
  • IBM domino applications in the cloud.  It will be on Softlayer

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