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IBM Connect: Vision and Direction

Craig Hayman, General Manager for Industry Cloud solutions came on after Seth Meyers.  (Not as funny)

Energizing Life’s Work is the theme of the conference. Relevant because customer experience, work experience, and Kenexa’s talent management suite all relate to it.

There is a stark difference between work and “our life’s work”    The latter harnesses creativity for your passions…….which may not include work.  From IBM’s C-Suite study, CEO’s consider technology the single mostCraig Hayman important force outside their organization.   It’s a disruptive force.  That’s why IBM is investing heavily in:

  • Mobile
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Social

Key to social

  1. Opening up to customer influence
  2. Digital and physical innovation: change the way you think and the way you work.
  3. Creating an exceptional digital experience.  (evolved from customer experience)

Pepsico Customer Presentation

They started with a video on how Pepsico affects our lives. One thing to remember is that the brand contains Pepsi, Quaker, Frito Lay, Tropicana, etc.

Fern Johnson is the Director of their workforce iniative at Pepsico.  Vision: Reinvent the way we work.   This would require driving new experiences to create strong cultural adoption.  It would have to complement the existing intranet.   The new social net was branded PEPnet.  They did a pilot of about 1,000 people.   Today, they have 25,000 users but want to expand to 100,000 users. It’s available as both a mobile and legacy experience.

“Over time, technology concerns were trumped by cultural considerations.  It’s more about the on the go always on mobile worker.”


  • Labeling process went from 20 hours of work to 4
  • R&D reports were reused much more easily in many different locations

The platform continues to evolve. Their goal is to infuse PEPnet into their culture.  Key: Pepsico hasn’t stopped investing in this.

Performance Bicycle

They use social technologies to compete against smaller more nimble competitor.   Yeah, that’s what they said and it actually makes sense given the variety of niches in that area.

Customer’s crave involvement and knowledge. They know enough to trust only the most skilled professionals in biking.  They compete with local bike shops.  To compete, they needed a way to demonstrate expert knowledge online and across stores in 19 states.  The expertise was scattered across the organization.   The journey started with an aha moment with their CEO David Pruitt.  He walked through the corporate office with bikes stacked in the aisles and he realized all the expertise there.  Vision: Enable customer to access the store of knowledge.

They started with an e-commerce site using IBM Commerce and IBM WCM.  The site gives a wide range of content on the bike they are viewing.   50 associates nation wide develop the content that includes 400 videos and 200 articles.  The topics range from learning about a product and sharing tips and skills.   With this rollout, the customer view of Performance Bicycle’s product knowledge increased 22%.

Keys to success:

  1. Establish a brand voice.  This voice frames the expertise of each associate
  2. Develop specific goals for content and focus development to achieve goals.  (I really like this one)

 Petrobras Brazil

They are an oil and exploration company.  The find, extract, and refine oil and gas.   They are a top ten company for exceptional working environments.  The workforce includes 130,000 employees.  They wanted to transform their work environment by making it more engaging, transparent, and accessibile

Partnered with IBM for a full collaboration solution.  (Looks like Connections from a screenshot but their director talked about a “total” solution”

  • Over 1,700 communities
  • Includes a well used a best practices management community
  • Actually showed a wiki.  Love that it’s not just a community approach to their social network
  • Have a breakout session on Wednesday at 3:oo PM in Swan Toucan 1-2.

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