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5 Reasons Why Salesforce Live Agent Is An Enterprise Chat Contender

It’s been 2+ years since acquired Activa to gain a foothold in the chat support channel. 2013 has seen a number of enhancements introduced into Salesforce’s Chat offering that make Live Agent a contender in the enterprise Chat support space. Here are 5 reasons why:5 Reasons Why Salesforce Live Agent Is An Enterprise Chat Contender

  1. Integrated Solution :: fully integrated chat solution with CRM & Knowledge
  2. Quick Setup :: no hardware, simple configuration & neatly embedded in Service Cloud
  3. Easy to Teach :: easy ramp-up to proficiency through integrated Knowledge & agent supervision
  4. Mutli-lingual Support :: Perfect for growing business to offer support channels into new territories
  5. Extensible :: go beyond the out of the box to embed in your portal or improve agent workflow

As a Salesforce system integrator, I am very excited to hear that our customers want to leverage chat. I am excited to relay the product feature set and how the product can be easily configured to meet the need and much, much more. If you are looking at a fresh way to support your customers or prospects, Live Agent chat is a no-brainer.

Thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Salesforce Live Agent Is An Enterprise Chat Contender”

  1. What about SFDC chat integration with knowledge base?
    What about analytics with regard to the key performance metrics?
    It seems they will likely acquire some analytics capability soon.

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