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Amazon Releases Chat for Amazon Connect

Today, Amazon announced its release of chat functionality in Amazon Connect. Supported for both web and mobile, the latest feature extends Amazon’s cloud contact center omnichannel capabilities. This feature allows your customers to start a chat with an agent or Amazon Lex bot, step away from it, and resume it up to 24 hours later. […]

Auto Attendants & Call Queues

Text-Based Channels In Twilio Flex – Velocity of Conversation

The third consideration for Flex text-based communication channels from my introductory post is “What type of interaction is it?”. This topic can end up being a bit more philosophical. That being said, it does drive real-world decisions in how you architect your overall Flex approach. But it will likely take a combination of historic understanding […]

Text-Based Channels In Twilio Flex – Routing the Interaction

Let’s explore another consideration for Flex text-based communication channels from my introductory post: Routing the Interaction with Flex. In this post, we’ll look at the second focus area… How does that interaction get routed on the Flex platform so I can get it to the right agent or expert?  Routing the Interaction to Flex Let’s go […]

Text-Based Channels In Twilio Flex – Customer Engages

As I mentioned in my introductory post, Flex offers a lot of new areas to explore as we think specifically about text-based communication channels. In this post, we’ll look at the first focus area… How does the customer engage in the communication or how does the customer start talking to me? “I Want To Talk […]

Text-based Channels

Text-based Channels in Twilio Flex – Some Considerations

A primary selling point of the Twilio Flex platform is support for rich, omni-channel interactions out of the box. Until recently, implementing and supporting multiple channels of customer interaction required using a variety of platforms or approaches. A number of contact center vendors are working on ways to remedy this. However, Flex stands out for […]

How GSK Is Using IBM Watson To Create Brand Love

IBM World of Watson 2016 is taking place this week in Las Vegas and the agenda is jam-packed with an incredible number of great sessions. If you work in the life sciences space and your role requires the use of sophisticated IT, you’re probably already of aware of Watson and the potential it has to […]

Your Customers Love to Chat – Is Your Business Listening?

Chat is one of my favorite channels of support. Think about it from a customer’s perspective. What is the easiest way to get one and done support? Voice support is quick, once you get past the IVR prompt and holding queue. Social channels can be limiting based on #characters and can take time to turn […]

5 Reasons Why Salesforce Live Agent Is An Enterprise Chat Contender

It’s been 2+ years since acquired Activa to gain a foothold in the chat support channel. 2013 has seen a number of enhancements introduced into Salesforce’s Chat offering that make Live Agent a contender in the enterprise Chat support space. Here are 5 reasons why: Integrated Solution :: fully integrated chat solution with CRM […]

5 Salesforce Live Agent Chat Enhancements You Need To Know About

If you use Salesforce Live Agent Chat, or have an interest in using it, here are a few enhancements that have come about in 2013 that you need to know about.   Multi-Lingual Support Live Agent Chat now boasts enhanced multi-lingual support with localized greeting messaging per chat button and per agent. Live Agent also […]