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Marketing Automation: Pardot Makes Marketing So Much Easier!

Pardot a marketing automation system in the cloud was purchased by ExactTarget about a year ago. To round out its Marketing Cloud, purchased ExactTarget. While we don’t use ExactTarget yet, our marketing team has been using Pardot for more than two years and we are extremely satisfied.

Since we started using Pardot, we noticed a significant uptick in our effectiveness and speed to market. With our “instance” of being totally integrated with Pardot, we are able to execute campaigns much faster, pardotcheck how our HTML content looks in any browser with ease, create and store templates for webinar invites, landing pages, special offers, etc.

A few other great features of this very reasonably priced service is the ability to score lead activity, segment leads by score and other demographics, and the capability to develop, execute and track drip campaigns.

Finally, we leverage Pardot to post and track our social conversations, and track visitors to our site on a daily basis.

It’s a great tool and we are excited about its near term integration with ExactTarget.

Stay tuned….

Joan Rothman

Head of Marketing

Perficient Business Unit

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