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Microsoft Surface Blades

I’ve seen several articles talking about the Surface “Blade” concepts. I truly believe this is a great innovation on Microsoft’s part. The possibilities are truly endless. I truly believe the Surface is the best tablet for those who want a device that can be used for work, play and entertainment. Having different “Blades” as accessories depending on your needs is an innovative feature in this new world. Different industries and profession would have different needs over consumers. What “Blades” do you think are needed by consumers or the enterprise?
coververtical-200x159Here are some of the ideas for “Blades” I have:

  • Hand scanner – Does the police force still need to take finger prints with messy ink? I don’t think they do. Have a blade where officers can take a hand-print when making an arrest to see what information can be obtained from the systems about the offender. The hard copies could be printed out later if necessary. I’m sure there is other potential things law enforcement could have built into a blade.
  • Portable POS – I can see restaurants having the waiters/waitresses use them to take orders and swipe credit-cards right at the table. No more worrying about what may happen to your credit card when the waiter/waitress doesn’t come back for a while. Maybe they even have the system attach to the table some how.
  • Game systems at bars – I’m sure if you ever been to a sport’s bar style restaurant you seen the portable game systems like Buzztime. Rather then wasting as many TVs for the games, have everything show up on the tablet with specific controls on the blade geared towards the games.
  • Wireless charger – When your Surface is plugged in to charge, maybe you could have a blade that could be used as a wireless charger for your other devices. Maybe even have a blade that is a solar panel to charge the Surface while your on the go.
  • Medical equipment – Imagine blades that could break into separate pieces. One section could be bendable and wrapped around someone arm to take their blood-pressure and send the information back to the Surface.  A blade with a writing pad so doctor’s and nurses can take notes. Blades designed for specific diagnostics equipment.

What ideas do you have? What do you think of the potential of “Blades”?

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Ryan Duclos

Ryan Duclos is a Lead Technical Consultant and CSM for Perficient, Inc. (PRFT), where he is passionate about Microsoft development utilizing the .Net Framework, SQL Server, and Microsoft Azure technologies. Ryan was a 2014 Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Azure. He lives and works in LA (Lower Alabama!) and loves spending time with his family, as well as being a Community Influencer for Microsoft. Ryan also a passion for Disc Golf and CrossFit! Ryan is a board member for the Lower Alabama .NET User Group and is also involved with the Pensacola SQL Server User Group, as well as other technical communities in his region. In addition, Ryan is a frequent speaker at numerous Code Camps, SQL Saturday & User Group events.

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