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A digital renaissance in public school innovation and technology

One of the primary methods that schools can innovate is with technology. I live in an area where they’re trying to provide technology to all students by providing laptops or tablets from kindergarten to seniors in high school, all grades K through 12. In any one school district they now have to manage these devices […]

Microsoft Surface Blades

I’ve seen several articles talking about the Surface “Blade” concepts. I truly believe this is a great innovation on Microsoft’s part. The possibilities are truly endless. I truly believe the Surface is the best tablet for those who want a device that can be used for work, play and entertainment. Having different “Blades” as accessories […]

Microsoft Surface Impresses Doctors, Improves Patient Care

Over on the Perficient Healthcare IT blog, my colleague Jamie Churchill had a great post this morning around the tablet battle in healthcare. From her blog post, which you can read here, Jamie shares: I came across an article this morning about the growing trend of doctors using tablets in healthcare – specifically the Microsoft […]

The Surface Series – ARM vs. Intel

The Surface Pro pricing details were released recently and with little fanfare.  The Pro model is essentially an expensive Ultrabook that is packaged as a tablet.  The advantages of the Pro model are backwards compatibility with all pre-existing Windows software and more powerful hardware.  Those advantages are going to cost about $500 and half of […]

Lync on the Surface RT: It’s a Winner

Overview I’ll start off by mentioning that I’ve been using the Surface as my only computer now for the last 4 weeks. No laptop, no desktop. It’s my work computer, my home computer, my tablet and of course my mobile computing platform. In fact, I’ve composed most of this blog post with the Surface on a […]

The Biggest Week in Microsoft History

I have had a few days to recover from the last 10 days of launches, releases, announcements and presentations from Microsoft and after catching up from the sleep deprivation, I have had an epiphany. Everything you knew about Microsoft has not changed but everything you knew about Microsoft has been turned upside-down. First let’s look […]

The Surface and Windows RT: A Philosophical Difference

Part I: Philosophical Differences The new Microsoft Surface runs Windows RT, a curious product.  It is basically a stripped down version of Windows 8, re-engineered to work on the mobile, low power ARM architecture.  Apple’s iOS and Mac OSX are the closest comparisons to the new Windows Operating Systems. Microsoft has played to their strength by scaling […]

Thoughts on Microsoft’s Surface RT Pricing

You may have already heard that Microsoft released the pricing for the “Surface RT” version of their new Surface tablet earlier today, October 16.  The prices are Apple-esque in general, ranging from $499 for a 32GB, keyboard-free edition to $699 for a 64GB, touch cover keyboard. ZDNet’s noted Microsoft blogger, Mary Jo Foley (for whom […]

Wish List: Four keys for SURFACE and SharePoint Next

Microsoft made a big splash with the unveiling of their long-awaited Surface Tablet yesterday.  Never mind the interesting choice of branding (anyone familiar with the previous Microsoft Surface will be surprised they took the name from the world’s coolest cocktail table and applied it to a slate), the big question in our secret mountaintop command […]

Microsoft Surface live at Perficient!

Microsoft Surface wowed at CES and there’s been considerable buzz about the technology, new form factors and reduced price ever since. I initially had the opportunity to see Surface in action at the Microsoft World Partner Conference in 2009 and had the opportunity to learn about some Surface Healthcare applications when the Texas Health Resources […]