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12 Technologies That Are Improving at Insane Speeds

Business Insider published an article titled “12 Technologies That Are Improving at Insane Speeds” describing a McKinsey report about technologies that are disrupting the global economy.  The image shown here summarizes the 12 technologies and provides a glimpse into the amount of technological improvement provided over the years.

Not surprising to me is that areas that affect Portal and Social are at the top of the list.  Mobile Internet is the first example of technology that has seen smartphones and tablets grow 600% since 2007.

One item that caught my attention is the topic Internet of Things.  McKinsey shows a 300% increase in machine-to-machine connected devices over the past 5 years.  For our portals, that can mean a ton of information to mine through business intelligence tools. It can also lead to more portal systems that open and expose the messaging between devices.

Finally, the statistic on cloud computing: it costs 300% more to own servers than to rent them in the cloud.  For a portal that has to integrate many internal and some external systems, the cloud both introduces and solves problems, such as how to integrate on-premise security with the cloud, how to integrate large volumes of internal data with large volumes of external data, and so on.

Other data in the report is equally fascinating to me, so I would encourage you to take a look at it too.


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