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HIMSS 2013: An Interview with ePatient Dave

Earlier this month at the HIMSS 2013 Conference, Perficient’s Liza Sisler spoke with Dave deBronkart, better known as ePatient Dave. Dave and Liza discuss the unique roles of health, care and medication in engaged healthcare and the idea that the patient is the key to bringing all three aspects together in order to provide better health outcomes. He also talked about the role of useful digital tools to help engage patients and interoperable systems allow data to be shared and presented in a useful manner, providing better, safer care. Dave talks about the idea that patient’s healthcare data should follow them as complete and correct data at the point of care is critical to provide effective, safe health care. Lastly, @ePatientDave tells the story of Dr. Eric Topol utilizing a mobile health tool, AliveCor, to diagnose a woman on his flight home from HIMSS and the impact of mhealth tools.

When Patients Engage, Outcomes are Better

Useful Digital Gadgets and Interoperability

Healthcare Data as a “Cloud Around the Patient”

Mobile EKG Tool and Availability of Health Data Anywhere

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