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Would you use a Self-Service Symptom Checker Portal?

I sometimes read information about symptoms from Dr. Google but generally, I think this is a pretty bad idea … one of the reasons is because I believe in the power of thought and visualization … but we won’t go there in this blog. What I’d like to talk about is the powerful platform being […]

What the market says you need in your patient portal

I had an interesting chat with some healthcare execs a few weeks back. We were discussing the real impact of increasingly shifting regulatory compliance deadlines. Think about it: when the government puts forth direction, and incentive, to effectuate a certain change that often leads to healthcare executives realigning their own strategies in favor of this […]

Participatory Medicine Meets Participatory Design

Most times when the word “participatory” enters my lexicon it is closely followed by the word “medicine”. I’m a fan of participatory medicine. If you don’t believe me, then you can look here, or here, or here for written proof. Participatory medicine is a care model in where the role of the patient is active, […]

Can you predict my future? Predictive analytics at #HIMSS14

While my interest is always in the convergence of technology like the Internet of Things and healthcare IT, the role of sensors in managing health and wellness is just exploding. “The most popular device functionality in the wearable tech market is heart rate monitoring, with nearly 12 million such devices shipped in 2013. Pedometers and […]

A Love Letter to Meaningful Use – #HIMSS14

It seems appropriate on Valentine’s Day to write love letters. This is my letter of adoration to Meaningful Use. In the past, I have written about how much time and productivity is wasted in the average physician’s office handling phone calls about prescription refills. My physician’s office has successfully implemented their EMR software, and the […]

Trends to Watch in the Healthcare World in 2014

What’s transforming the ways in which healthcare is provided? legislation new competition innovative incentives a call to refocus on priorities a more empowered and digitally engaged consumer, who has more and greater expectations for quality of care and convenience of care. a renewed attention on healthcare by the consumer market thanks to ongoing press about […]

Connected Health Trend Countdown: #6 Evolution of Social Media

A new week brings us to another trend in our 2014 Connected Health Countdown. We are nearing our halfway mark with: Trend 6: The Evolution of Social Media into Care and Patient/Member Acquisition Over the course of 2012 and 2013, many healthcare organizations were taking the dive into social media for the first time. However, […]

Massachusetts launches important next phase of HIE

Today, Masachusetts moved into phase 2 of a very important Health Information Exchange (HIE) project. It’s called Mass HIway Health Information Exchange, and it was announced at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where Healthcare CIO, John D. Halamka works. Halamka is one of my favorite people to follow in healthcare technology (@jhalamka). He blogs at […]

Texting Bridges the Mobile Health Digital Divide

Whether it is real or perceived, the digital divide is often used as an excuse for non-adoption of mobile health. What is the “digital divide” exactly? The term is meant to describe the differences between people, households, or demographic/socioeconomic groups with regards to access to information technology and the knowledge and skills needed to use […]

Gaming and Gamification for Healthcare with the Xbox One

Earlier this week two of my colleagues, Michael Porter and Ryan Duclos, each wrote blogs about the potential uses beyond gaming for the upcoming Xbox One. Micheal explored some of the possible uses in healthcare specifically, from gamification to surgical tool: Better Healthcare because of Kinect The HIT Consultant has a blog post on how […]

The Exchanges are coming, the Exchanges are coming!

Are you making the most of it? Yes, I said Exchange, but will refer to them as Health Insurance Marketplaces (HIM). I know many have been working to get ready for the October 1st open enrollment, but have you been doing everything you can? In the past, sales of individual policies haven’t amounted to more […]

Top Technology Trends in Healthcare – July 2013

The healthcare IT field is rapidly developing and changing. Emerging technology and updated regulations put pressure on healthcare providers and health plans to stay ahead of the curve. Perficient creates a monthly list that explores some of the current topics and issues in health IT. This list examines the most talked about issues and technologies […]

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