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Taking Short Cutts

For years now Matt Cutts has been dishing out helpful advice and insights from the mind of Google to webmasters through the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel.  Typically theses short Q&A style videos provide a quick answer in less then 5 minutes so you can pick up a new tip and continue on your merry webmastering way.  I frequently search back into old videos to fact check and confirm dates when certain things were said pertaining to Google and optimizing websites for maximum potential.  It doesn’t take too much effort to track down what I’m looking for but as always, I love a faster way to do things.

Today Click Consult launched a website that brings you even closer to the goal of instant gratification when it comes to digesting the information found in this channel.  Ladies and Gents….I present to you “

The purpose of this website is pretty self explanatory.  Archive the information presented in these Google Webmaster Help videos into short quick text answers.  Now you save yourself the 1-2 minutes of an already abbreviated Q&A session with Matt Cutts on all sorts of topics concerning webmastering.  I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this myself.  It’s absolutely brilliant.  From the pun used in the domain down to the ability to filter videos by the color shirt Matt is wearing!  So go spend 5 minutes on the site and walk away with an accelerated education.

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