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Microsoft Lync, Consumerization of IT and BYOD

In our Perficient Perspectives series, my colleague Matt McGillen recently spoke about the consumerization of IT and the enterprise impact of BYOD. Matt explored the critical role that communication now plays, especially with diverse working locations and devices and the rise of Social Business focused solutions. From the Perspective, which you can read here Matt shares

The consumerization of IT and the advent of employees’ bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work are rapidly changing the way enterprise organizations conduct business both internally and with customers and channel partners. In addition, organizations are experiencing a rise in telecommuting and disparate workforces as a result. When combined, these forces make enterprise communications increasingly difficult, at a time when consistent and open communication is critical to business success.
Microsoft Lync Server has the power to bring people together, and can play a bigger role in helping organizations improve communications to all stakeholders. Lync combines voice, instant messaging, audio, video, and web conferencing into a richer, more simplified solution for organizations looking to transform their business communications into more collaborative and engaging interactions. Companies that implement Lync technology and integrate it with their current applications have the power to enhance professional communications and are better positioned to succeed in this new era of conducting business.

Matt goes on to talk about the ease of use Microsoft Lync provides, regardless of device

What features or functionality are you most excited to see with Lync 2013?
I am a big believer that video is going to be the key to better collaboration over distance, and the video conferencing experience in Lync 2013 is phenomenal. Historically, people have shied away from video because it was difficult, unreliable, or clunky. Lync 2013 removes all those barriers.
On what devices does Lync function? How does it improve mobility?
More so than any other Microsoft product I know, Lync functions across the widest variety of devices. Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Surface, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer… I think that about covers them all.
Does Lync offer any increased social capabilities for organizations?
Lync is the real-time engine behind social for organizations. Posting on a “wall” or writing a blog is a good way to create permanent, static social content. But when you want to quickly bring a bunch of people together to collaborate on a document, you look to Lync.

You can read more on Matt’s perspective here and in Redmond Channel Partner post “Microsoft Lync moves to the Must Have List”  If you’d like to meet Matt and other members of Perficient’s Lync team in person, we’ll be at the Lync Conference in San Diego, CA in February. Be sure to sign up for our Surface Pro giveaway!

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