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What’s new in IBM Connections


What’s coming in IBM Connections?  At Lotusphere 2012 IBM laid its plans for Connections in a general session. Of course, they had a disclaimer that the product is still under development, so these features may change by the time the final product is released.

The theme for the new version include:
  • Social platform evolution
    • Need to streamline work
    • Anytime, anywhere access
    • Prioritize what’s important
    • Consistent integrated experience
  • Enhanced communities for teams
    • Share across group of people
    • Support different groups
    • Share and manage across teams
  • Business to consumer
New features list:
  • Integrate 3rd party applications more easily using open social gadgets and a new content aggregator.  Here you can use applications directly from the stream, such as update a task, view a SAP service report and update it, etc.  Also supports hash tags in the stream.
  • You can take actions directly from the activity stream without switching context.
  • Streamlined and consistent user experience for navigation and tools
    • You can share content wherever you are in the system using a share link.  This can include sharing files too.
  • Email integration let’s me view and respond to email right inside Connections. Calendar access is there too.
  • Reports now show user analytics in each community, not just at an overall level.
    • You can also creat custom reports
  • Enhancements for community teams:
    • Community can have an activity stream
    • Includes a calendar for central planning of team events
    • The calendar is available from Notes and Outlook
    • You can email into a new discussion forum
    • Files can now be locked for editing and you can upload/download multiple files
    • Groups can now be assigned to communities so you don’t have to add individual members
    • You can catalog all team based collaboration sites you use so you can go to one place – Connections – to keep track of everything.
  • Business to consumer features:
    • Supports targeted collaboration between suppliers, customers or employees
    • Say there is a discussion on the web about your company, you can bring that discussion into Connections.  This is done though a browser plugin.
  • Advanced Portal Integration includes community pages in portal.
    • Community content can be included with other portlets
    • The page on portal scopes Connections down to a specific community
    • Improved SEO
    • Provides consistent tagging and rating between Porttal and Connections
  • Mobile now includes a hybrid application that can take advantage of native features like camera, location based checkin, profiles into address book.
    • The microbrowser now includes a rich text editor on mobile devices
  • Advanced file integration with windows like WebDAV, but better.
    • Social aspects of the file is included so you can comment, see who’s using it etc.
    • You can edit files right in line, so you don’t have to download it first and then upload it.

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