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Crush Your Content Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

As a content marketer for Perficient, it’s my job to tell the story of technology and why new solutions on the market are important for enterprises. At the very core, my goal is to provide value as you embark on your journey to learning and understanding the market. While my employer could turn to a […]

How to Design a Delightful Customer Portal

Once the governance piece of portal design is complete, it is time to move into designing the customer portal. What you do in this part of the process is important since your end users will be the ones directly benefitting. No matter what type of community you’re trying to build, there are a few basic […]

How to Conquer Your Portal Governance Strategy

Portal management is a key to delivering an effective digital experience. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that if users are dissatisfied with their portal experiences, they go elsewhere. As a result, portal architects must not only take into consideration the look and feel of a portal, but also the governance that keeps it running like a […]

5 Mindsets for Digital Experience Independence

Over the years, customer experience has seen a gradual evolution, moving from static to dynamic experiences. What started as toll-free phone numbers, mail-in surveys, and customer insight groups has transformed into the world of social media, where anyone can share their opinion to a large audience. For some organizations, the emergence of new media has […]

Introducing IBM Connections 6.0

The way you reach out to your consumers has changed considerably over the past few years to include online channels like social media, email lists, and customer portals. How you have told your brand story over these channels is indicative of your brand’s success as well. According to Gallup, two out of every three purchasing […]

3 Enterprise Collaboration Considerations for 2017

The glut of content within the modern enterprise justifies the call for appropriate collaboration platforms from document management to social networking. Despite the need however, there are numerous solutions on the market and their fragmented nature leaves more than enough leaders scratching their heads wishing for an all-in-one platform. Unfortunately, the all-in-one platform may never […]

IBM Connect 2017 Opening General Session

IBM Connect 2017 kicked off today in San Francisco with the theme of Cognitive Workspaces and how IBM Watson will transform everyday work.  The opening general session was divided into two parts and highlighted key messages, shared customer stories, made announcements and of course showed some innovative demonstrations of accomplishments over the last year and […]

IBM Digital Experience Helps Construct World-Class Infrastructure

Efficient construction, solid engineering, and modern design are all key elements to building modern infrastructure. With the right technology to complement the heavy lifting, workers can meet their deadlines and collaborate effectively. One of the world’s leading construction management firms was looking to augment their collaboration experience. With thousands of employees on all six major […]

Lessons from 2014: The Problem with Sentiment Analysis

As we wind down 2014, I’m taking a look back at some items in my reading list and bringing forward the ones I found important from a learning standpoint.  The article The Problem with Sentiment Analysis by Sarah Kessler at Fast Company in November 2014 qualifies as one of those “aha” articles. Analyzing social media has […]

G2 Crowd scores Salesforce Chatter top social collaboration tool

I saw the following tweet from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: This was interesting enough for me to follow the link to see why Salesforce Chatter was rated the best social collaboration system.  Barry Levine at Venture Beat had a nice article about G2 Crowd’s grid on social collaboration.  Here are the first two paragraphs: Salesforce’s Chatter […]

Why Social Needs to be Part of Your Portal

IBM’s 2014 Digital Experience Conference started Wednesday off with a great session by Mac Guidera, Social Workforce Strategist from IBM, titled “Why Social Needs to be Part of Your Portal.”  The session was very insightful blending a mix of statistics, trends, best practices and insightful thoughts. Social Business Patterns Patterns represent modernized processes with dynamic, […]

IBM produces a preview video of Connections Next

Social and cloud technologies are connecting us to more people and information than we ever could have imagined. The challenge is to get the right information from the right sources in the right context at the right time. IBM’s cloud collaboration platform helps you collaborate with extended networks, focus on the relevant and filter out […]

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