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Using Cloud Technology to Attack Pathology Bottlenecks

Let’s face it tablets and smart phones have increased productivity levels of employed professionals. However, many physicians have not experienced these benefits, because their systems limit access to pertinent medical information to solely work computers. For the most part, healthcare providers have been unable to review lab or medical image results from anywhere but their offices until cloud technology was introduced.

Cloud technology has been praised as a solution to overcome time delays related to medical images, but pathology departments would also benefit from the adoption of cloud technology. Since pathology results provide insight into diagnoses, which are “trigger events” for a plan of care, any way to better transfer pathology information is a benefit to physicians, but applying cloud technologies gives it an extra advantage – the ability to view results from anywhere.

Thanks to cloud-based technology, digital pathology allows physicians to view microscopic slides and results on tablets. Pathology cloud services, much like medical images cloud technology, help healthcare professions overcome operational bottlenecks associated with pathology departments.

Using cloud technology for clinical pathology allows results and findings to be viewed from anywhere on a PC or a tablet. It also permits physicians to “staple” pathology results to EMRs and/or medical images – which may also live in a cloud. Therefore, the most important advantage of cloud technology isn’t its easy access, decrease in wait times or reduced costs. Instead, the most impressive attribute of cloud technology is its ability to improve productivity.

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