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Going mobile with JQuery

I recently blogged about new mobile features in the Dojo toolkit, so I thought I would give equal time to JQuery.  JQuery Mobile has recently release Beta 2 of the toolkit and it includes lots of great features.

The mobile toolkit has various levels of support for a variety of devices.  JQuery JQuery Mobile imagemaintains an A-B-C list of supported devices.

  • A-listers get full support of all the features and include devices running iOS 3.2 -5, Android 2.1-2.3, Android Honeycomb, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry 6.0 and many others.
  • B-listers get many enhanced features except Ajax navigation.  Devices running Blackberry 5, Opera Mini, Windows Phone 6.5, and Symbian are in this category
  • C class devices get basic HTML support and include older devices not listed above.
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Some key features of the this release include the following:

  • Decoupled widgets – previously the UI widgets were all tightly coupled to the JQuery page plugin, which meant you could not exclude widgets that you didn’t need. Now all the UI widgets are decoupled from the page, so you can freely add only the widgets you really want in your application.
  • Better cache management of the Document Object Model (DOM).  For animated page transition, JQuery caches the page you are on and the one you are transitioning to until you do a full page refresh.  This could cause memory problems with lots of pages in cache.  Now JQuery manages the cache much better, eliminating memory problems.
  • New, simpler design for Checkboxes and Radio buttons.  New JQuery checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Additional gradient support that now work across all the mobile browsers.
  • Touch optimized layouts and widgets including lists, detail panes and overlays
  • New API Documentation is being built to make it easier to see sample code and the detailed descriptions

You can view demos of the new toolkit here:  The demo site provides an excellent interface to all the features, especially when viewed from your mobile devices.


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