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Emerging Trends in Analytics Part III

In 2009, the focus of BI researchers and corporations alike was on Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing. In 2011, we see more and more of how that has really begun to emerge as a growing trend for most companies looking to take their BI/DW initiatives on the cloud. In the market too, there is a sudden, though obvious, uptick in investment and visibility of these SaaS BI vendors that provide easy, fact-based decision- making models and exceptional thought leadership in “on-demand business intelligence”. Some of the known players that continue to get attention in this space are PivotLink, Birst and Indicee, to name a few. From the standpoint of functionality, all these vendors offer flexible usability, fantastic visualizations, and portal collaboration capability not seen in their on-site siblings. This helps in two major ways – faster user adoption and self-sufficiency without the dependence on IT! How cool is that??

As I reported in my previous blogs, reporting is fast becoming a commodity, and the move is towards predictive, advanced analytics “on the fly”. In such a scenario, it doesn’t really make sense for companies to continue to invest large $$ in on-site IT data centers, when cheaper SaaS alternatives are available, especially if the need is merely reporting and analysis.

As corporations continue to embrace the cloud computing model for BI, and the SaaS value proposition goes main-stream, we should expect to see dollars dwindle for the existing on-site vendors. Also note that while Cloud BI is beginning to steal  revenue from these on-the-ground service providers and hardware vendors, the smaller BI cloud companies themselves are struggling for limited space and oxygen, creating an inevitable price-war by putting pressures on each other in a bid to quickly increase their customer-base.  We recently saw LucidEra disappear from this space. In such a scenario, it will also not be surprising to see some of the larger cloud corporations take over these smaller, niche players – another trend, if triggered, that will dramatically change this space.

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The Future of Big Data

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