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Conference Review – IBM Business Analytics Summit, Chicago

I recently attended the IBM Business Analytics Summit in Chicago.  My IBM “Analytics” experience at this point in my career is limited.  Consequently, the purpose of attending this summit was to gain a better understanding of the IBM product offerings, gain some contacts in the industry, and to understand some “real-life” examples of what is […]

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Using DTUTIL to Migrate SSIS Packages

I often use the SQL Server (MSDB) Database to store and execute SSIS packages.  However, I found it cumbersome to migrate multiple packages back and forth from network locations to the MSDB or from the various environments (DEV, QA, PROD).  So, I created a simple script to generate the dtutil commands necessary to quickly migrate […]

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Lessons Learned – Transitioning from an FTE to a Consultant

A little over 3 years ago I began what I would call an internal transformation as I started to reevaluate my career and personal life.  I had been working as a Full-time Employee (FTE) in two large corporations over the course of 10 years and I was very proud of what I had accomplished.  I […]

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Complement for Microsoft Basic Data Mining Tutorial

I have had limited experience with SPSS Data Mining for Predictive Analytics.  I was very impressed with the predictive capabilities of the tool.  The business cases for this and any predictive analytics tool are endless.  While conducting some research about predictive analytics, I came across a Microsoft solution – Microsoft Analysis Services Data Mining; which […]

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Personal Analytical Tools

As 2012 ends, I thought it would be interesting to look at a category of tools that is gaining a significant hold in the Business Intelligence (BI) world. These tools are Personal Analytical Tools. The design of these tools allows users to be self-sufficient, to explore data, and to analyze it without IT involvement. The […]

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Introduction to Data Quality Services (DQS) – Part II

This is my second blog in a two-part series to introduce Data Quality Services (DQS) in SQL Server 2012.  Please refer to my first blog which discusses the interactive client for DQS – Introduction to Data Quality Services (DQS) – Part I.  In this blog, I will introduce the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) component which […]

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Introduction to Data Quality Services (DQS) – Part I

I was recently introduced to SQL Server 2012 and discovered Data Quality Services (DQS); a new feature of SQL Server 2012.  I wanted to use this blog as an introduction to DQS, define key terms, and present a simple example of the tool.  According to MSDN, The data-quality solution provided by Data Quality Services (DQS) […]

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Big Data – Organizational Challenges

My previous blog post was about Enterprise Search.  Within my research, I continuously came across the term Big Data.  Obviously, I had heard of this before, but I was not well versed on what it actually meant.  While I was waiting at the airport, I saw a Harvard Business Review (HBR) magazine staring at me, […]

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Introduction to Enterprise Search

I recently investigated a few Enterprise Search tools.  After attending some training, I was really excited to learn more about the software and what Enterprise Search is all about.  I wanted to use this blog as an opportunity to share some information that I have obtained and present my opinion on where this industry is […]

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Oracle Acquires Social Analytics Firm Collective Intellect

Yesterday Oracle announced that they had acquired the cloud based analytics company Collective Intellect. The acquisition will open up the Oracle stack to a new kind of business intelligence/analysis by taking in social media “conversations” from Facebook and Twitter and turning them into real time manageable stats and data for analysis. Pairing this with Oracle’s […]

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“New Analytics” in Spotlight

Great article highlighting changes in business analytics industry: Enterprise BI models undergo radical transformation from Some mention of ROI, the reporting tools in the forefront of “new analytics” and the “service-heavy implementation model” seen in these BI projects today.

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Big Data, Analytics, and Medical Care – Part II

Continuing our examination of the benefits of analytics on Big Data in the health industry, what further conclusions can be drawn from the Seton Health Care Family example in Part I? Seton had originally tried to use traditional structured methods, creating fields within files and databases to fit all of the unstructured patient information into.  […]

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Big Data, Analytics, and Medical Care – Part I

Healthcare is a huge and growing segment of our economy, and represents enormous potential as an area for both cost reduction and improvement in quality of care.  A particular area of interest is hospital readmission rates (i.e., needing to return to the hospital soon after an initial treatment there), which the federal government plans to […]

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Agility in Analytics

Of the Conventional Analytics Mind   Using a conventional mindset, data ponds are identified and analyzed to build predictive models: Data ponds are identified for evaluation Data scientist performs detailed descriptive analysis Based upon the descriptive analysis a “outcome of interest” is established Using established guidelines a modeling technique is carefully chosen A predictive model […]

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Oracle partners with Teradata to expand their Geospatial Analytics offering

Oracle and Teradata announced that they were creating an alliance to better serve the growing needs for Geospatial analysis by tying Teradata’s offerings with Oracle’s strong OBIEE offerings. I remember a time when geospatial analytics was something that only huge communications and transportation companies could undertake. But now with the advances in technologies the promise […]

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Information Management and Business Analytics Accolades at #IOD11

Perficient has been honored with two awards at Information On Demand 2011 this week. The Information Management Solution Excellence Award We created a solution for Premier, Inc., a healthcare performance improvement alliance, that leverages several IBM technologies to deliver critical information and KPIs for patients, physicians and more. Read more about this honor at our […]

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Emerging Trends in Analytics – PART IV

As I have pointed out in these series, traditional assumptions about Business Intelligence have dramatically evolved with the move towards predictive analytics on the fly and rapid growth of mobile tablets as a legitimate platform for advanced analytics. As a result of this transition, corporations are focusing more on creating comprehensive collaborative decision environments that […]

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