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Changing look and feel in Office 365 public web site. (Overview)

If you have the P1 plan, you get a public web site that you can customize. This is pretty neat. Office 365 gives you plenty of tools to create your own look and feel.
Here is an overview of the basic functionality provided to customize your site.
You can set the width of the page or you can make the site full width.
The ribbon has three tabs. The first one is used for navigation. The second and the third tabs are used to design the site.
When you select the option of editing the web site from the admin section, you are taken to the pages library. Click on one of the pages, and you will be presented with the ribbon which allows you to change the look and feel.
Using the design tab, you can change the background, theme, logos, layout and if needed, add your own styles. There is a huge collection of images made available to you to choose from or you can upload your own image. These images are used as part of the header.
The insert tab shows all gadgets and other components that you can insert in your page.
Here are all the gadgets that you can add to the page.
There is a map gadget available that can be used to map your address. You can set the address and optionally allow the user to map directions to the location.
Using the provided functionality, a pretty decent site can be built. You should be able to use most of your design artifacts in the site. If you want to completely revise the the look and feel of the site you can build your own master page and web parts and create a powerful site. Though it cannot be done OOTB, it can be done through code and using SharePoint Designer. I will cover this in my next blog.

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