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Activate Office365 users via Powershell

With general availability of Office365 in the horizon, new features are being activated every day. One such long-awaited feature is activating users via Powershell instead of from the portal site. To do so follow these steps:

  • Connect to office 365 with following commandlets
    • $cred = get-credential (enter your Office365 administrator credentials when prompted)
    • Connect-msolservice –credential $cred
  • To view the available licenses:
    • For the entire company, run the command: Get-msolsubscription | select skupartnumber, totallicenses | ft –autosize

    • For a particular user, run the command: get-msoluser –userprincipalname “UPN of user” | select licenses, islicensed | fl

  • Assign a license for a user with the command: set-msoluserlicense –userprincipalname “UPN of user” –addlicenses “name of license”

    This of course can be scripted to assign licenses in mass with import-csv command.

It’s also possible to assign licenses granularly to just a specific product like Sharepoint or Exchange with the command new-msollicenseoptions. For example to grant all licenses except the Office license:

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