Automatically Install SharePoint 2010 with Script

One major drawback to SharePoint 2010’s installation is the way the installer chooses a name for your databases. It also appends a very easy to remember GUID to the database name as well that makes referencing your databases quite a challenge. In 2007 you could easily mitigate this using psconfig to setup your configuration databases but with 2010 there are quite a few more databases to configure and name which makes this a bit more challenging.
Recently, I came across the AutoSPInstaller Utility on CodePlex that not only makes naming SharePoint Databases a snap. It can automate the setup of your entire farm with a double click. All you have to to update are a few configuration details in the solution and run the script. It will even install language packs. This little utility is awesome and will definitely be part of all of my deployment documentation for future clients. Check it out.
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