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After the Governance Plan: SharePoint Governance in Action

SharePoint Governance is a topic everyone talks about, yet very few actually understand.  The confusion surrounding SharePoint Governance is well-rooted; for one, it’s an incredibly large set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that detail, literally, every aspect of how the SharePoint platform should be used.  For another, successful SharePoint Governance is only achieved when […]

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Guest Post: Extend Business Processes to the Cloud with Nintex

Note: Today’s blog post comes from Vadim Tabakman, Technical Evangelist for Nintex with over 8 years of experience in SharePoint and Nintex technologies. He understands how SharePoint, business process automation and forms can join forces successfully in numerous industries and business scenarios to drive business adoption and succeed in SharePoint projects. Vadim brings an excellent […]

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Next-Gen Information Protection Announcements – Ignite 2015

The following are my notes from the Next-Gen Information Protection announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2015. Microsoft thinks about security in three ways: Being pervasive Transparent People-centric Pervasive – policy applied to data level (when its created inside the ecosystem) so it goes with data across devices. Unified compliance – running data through compliance center across email, […]

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New SharePoint Online Migration API Announcement – Ignite 2015

The single biggest benefit of this new Migration PowerShell API is speed. Close to 5 times faster than CSOM calls. The new API was released today and is available for public consumption. An Overview Source – file share, SharePoint on-prem, potentially any other data source Package – create package for the API to be able to accept it […]

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Advanced Content Targeting in SharePoint – Part 3

This is the third post in this series. In the last two posts (here and here), we implemented a custom token for the logged in user which filters incoming content in the search index based on the user’s profile attributes, and then creating display templates to render custom result URLs. Today we will dive into […]

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Advanced Content Targeting in SharePoint – Part 2

This post is a continuation of my previous blog post explaining advanced content targeting using SharePoint search. We saw earlier how to implement a custom token for the logged in user which filters incoming content in the search index based on the user’s profile attributes. Today we are going to look into creating display templates to […]

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Advanced Content Targeting using SharePoint Search

There are various ways to achieve content targeting in a content management system. In SharePoint, some common terms which are associated with this feature are Audience Targeting, Security Trimming, Metadata etc. Today I am going to share an example which we recently implemented for our customer and which required advanced targeting rules. Scenario An internal […]

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Much Awaited OneDrive for Business comes to Mac and iOS

This announcement should be music to the ears, for all the Mac and iOS diehards using Microsoft apps. Earlier I had blogged about an interim solution for these devices, you can read it in my post here. Last week, Microsoft announced new ways that you can access and manage your OneDrive for Business (ODFB) files from your […]

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Why governing Yammer vs. SharePoint represents an about-face

Yesterday may have been Ground Hog Day, but unlike the movie, I’m happy to report no time loop (although there was a lot of snow for some of us). Aside from the freshly fallen snow, there was also fresh new content over on CMSWire, thanks in part to my colleague Rich Wood and his article […]

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Is Your SharePoint Ready for Yammer?

Whether your organization is experiencing rapid growth or you simply need better collaboration, enterprise social is the key to your needs. I gave an overview of the latest services offered in Office 365 in my blog post here and for the purposes of today’s article I will focus on the enterprise social networking (ESN) product, Yammer. […]

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Exporting Term Sets

I don’t know about you, but I really wish there was a way to export managed metadata in SharePoint, especially since SharePoint teases you with the ‘Import Term Set’ option. To get around this I’ve written a little script to export all of the term sets in a term store (easily customizable to just export […]

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Case Study: State Government Website Migration to SharePoint

Perficient recently worked with a state government to move its existing public website to SharePoint 2010. Upgrading to a newer technology would enable the state to save financially and make technical improvements while keeping pace with its evolving business demands. The migration would also provide for the standardization of state agency websites on a single […]

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Case Study: Given Imaging Redesigns Website on SharePoint 2010

Perficient recently worked with Given Imaging to redesign its corporate website,, on SharePoint 2010. Given Imaging had first partnered with Perficient to improve its website, which is dedicated to advancing PillCam® capsule endoscopy and built on the SharePoint platform. Here is an excerpt from the case study describing the challenge: Built on the […]

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NewsGator Activity Feed Dissected

Don’t worry, no blood was spilled and no activity feed was harmed in the making of this blog post. The diagrams below apply to NewsGator activity feeds from Versions 2.6 and 3.1. The classes labeled in orange were added in v3.1. The Share box was re-done in 3.1, so the 1st one is v2.6 and […]

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Variation Labels (_Layouts/VariationLabels.aspx) is broken

I have been assigned on a project to investigate some issues with SharePoint Variations and the first issue I encountered was the error shows up when I click on Variation Labels link under Site Settings. The error pops up with a message “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object” and correlation ID. As […]

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Service Manager 2012 – Self Service Portal Step by Step Part 1

This is part 1 of 2,  a step by step document on how to install the Service Manager 2012 Self Service Portal on SharePoint 2010.  These best practices are a result of many production installs in the field and the lessons learnt (so you don’t have to!) Best practice is to have a separate VM just […]

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Advanced SharePoint 2010 InfoPath Development

  Author: Suzanne George, Senior Technical Architect, Perficient. This week I presented at the Houston SharePoint Users Group on Advanced InfoPath Development and although the dance-off between Richard Calderon and I was, well, memorable — and not necessarily in a good way LOL(!),  I hope everyone had a great time and great food thanks to […]

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Microsoft BI on an iPad?!

PerformancePoint, Reporting, and Excel Services on an iPad… it can’t be.  It is a fact.  What? You don’t believe me check out this link and see for yourself.  This feature was included in the December 2011 SharePoint 2010 CU.  However, I have some bad news if you have recently updated to iOS 6. The tap and hold […]

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Gartner Magic Quadrant: Horizontal Portals 2012

Gartner has recently published the 2012 version of their Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals.  So far, I haven’t found the Gartner report on their reprint site and none of the vendors have provided links to it yet.  Here is the link to the report on Gartner’s site, but you’ll have to be a Gartner subscriber […]

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