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Happy Birthday, Microsoft Lync 2010! A Year in Review

The beginning of December marks Microsoft Lync 2010′s first anniversary. Two thousand and eleven has been a successful year for Lync, so let’s take a look at some of the milestones Lync has accomplished in just 12 months.
  1. About 3 million enterprise users use Lync 2010 for their telephony needs versus a traditional PBX.
  2. Forrester research found the ROI on Lync is more than 300 percent, while companies could see a breakeven point as early as 7-8 months after deployment.
  3. Lync has grown 25 percent at Microsoft, and Derek Burney, corporate vice president for Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Office Data, credits much of Lync’s success to its relationship with Microsoft Office tools and Lync’s partner community.
  4. Clients are already reporting great success. Kirk Gregersen highlights much of this triumph in his blog post:
    1. LA Fitness reports saving more than $650,000 a year.
    2. Swisscom decommissioned 94 PBXs after deploying Lync to its 15,000 employees, saving $17 million.
    3. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia says Lync was the fastest product roll-out in company history. In just 24 hours, 60 percent of their workforce adopted Lync.
    4. …even the U.S. Army is using Lync to connect soldiers.
  5. And mobile is coming soon. The rumors are flying; the much anticipated release of Lync 2010 for smartphones and tablets is rumored to arrive before the end of the year. The same ease of connecting with colleagues and clients on your laptop will be available on-the-go.

Lync 2010 has certainly had an impressive first year on the market. It’s exciting to hear how a technology is truly changing business for the better. If you’re looking to hear more success stories and what Lync has accomplished this past year, I encourage you to check out the links highlighted above. Additionally, you can learn more about Lync’s capabilities here.


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