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Key Considerations When Selecting a Web Analytics Package

Enlighten was acquired by Perficient Digital in December 2015
Web analytics products have become ubiquitous to the digital world, but often confusing when trying to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Unless you have the time and money to experiment with each, some of those strengths and weaknesses will not present themselves through educational material, and other (non-sanctioned) information can sometimes be misleading. For example, you may encounter comments around Omniture as being difficult and expensive; however Omniture is not an Analytics Product at all—it’s actually a Digital Marketing Suite made up of several products. (In fact, comparing Omniture to Google Analytics is like comparing a hospital to a throat specialist!) In some cases, any tool may be adequate; in others, a single product may shine.
Data exports, re-marketing, and automated testing are all excellent qualifiers to make a definitive solution. I gave a presentation at the 2011 Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles this fall (as part of a series of Society of Digital Agency workshops) looking at the pros and cons of three major web analytics platforms: Adobe/Omniture Sitecatalyst, Google Analytics, and Webtrends.
You can check out my presentation on Slideshare.

It’s a short, concise presentation. One that I hope offers useful suggestions for the subtle differences that should be considered when choosing an analytics platform.

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