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How Standardized UI Conventions for Healthcare IT Can Improve Patient Care

The notion of standardized user interface (UI) elements for healthcare IT applications seems vastly warranted.  As discussed in an earlier blog post, clinicians are often juggling several tasks at once and as such need applications that require a minimal expenditure of mental energy.  A consistent experience across applications can help clinicians reliably and quickly find […]

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Disseminating Health Information Through Twitter

Last week my co-blogger Liza Sisler (@lizasisler) shared a great story about the power of Twitter in connecting people and ideas.  As a straightforward one-to-many messaging service, Twitter offers a lot of different ways to disseminate knowledge. I think one of the most compelling use cases is in helping experts share information with non-experts—on Twitter, […]

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The Power of Twitter: Connecting People and Information, Fast!

I’m a big fan of Twitter.  I use it to find & share information & to connect with people that share my interests.  As such I’m an active participant in several Twitter communities including the Healthcare, Health IT, Health Social Media, SharePoint & Microsoft Partner Communities. Yesterday Dux Raymond Sy (@MeetDux) posted a link to an excellent […]

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Healthcare User Experience and the Importance of Reimbursement

As a user experience designer, my goal is to help design products and software that are as easy, efficient, and enjoyable to use as possible.  A critical part of this design process involves understanding the needs of the various stakeholders—everything from the need for end users to be able to use the product without hassle […]

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