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How to Enable OBIEE Commentary with Writeback

This post is a follow-up to my previous post: OBIEE Collaborative Analytics Enables Decision Making & Action In this blog, I provide detailed instructions and design aspects of implementing OBIEE Dashboard Commentary levergaing the Write Back feature. There are several steps involved, at the database, middleware and dashboard levels.

OBIEE Collaborative Analytics Enables Decision Making & Action

Organizations that rely on Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) as their standard analytics platform may have already reaped the benefits of a common enterprise reporting solution from a data accuracy and accessibility perspective. However, they are most likely still using traditional means of collaboration. This entails communication of reported results, explanation of what they mean, their […]

Using On-demand Data With Dynamic Data Writeback In Spotfire

I have worked on a few clinical applications where adding little functions to existing applications can greatly improve an individual’s job function and subsequently benefit the company as a whole. Looking for these little gems isn’t time consuming or difficult as long as we are aware of the system’s capabilities and are able to capitalize […]