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Send a Flow Approval to a SharePoint Group’s Members

Out of the box Microsoft Flow does not currently support getting the members of a SharePoint group. This makes it difficult to utilize existing groups that outdated SharePoint Designer Workflows would use. This leaves two options for a flow creator, A) create a custom list to track approvers, or B) set static emails in the […]

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Troubleshooting Workflows In Siebel Clinical

Recently, one of our Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) clients noted that the rollups feature, which collates information from lower levels of the data type hierarchy into a single view (e.g., all site records within a single region or country), was not working properly. Specifically, the fields that indicate the number of subjects […]

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Multiple email addresses for Workflow notifications

Workflows in Sitecore are an integral part of the content approval process. The email notification action is an important part of that process, in that it lets content approvers know that something is waiting for their attention. Out-of-the-box implementations of the notification actions only support a single email address to receive the messages. This can […]

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Hybridization of Your Business: On-Prem to O365

Moving your business from an on-premises SharePoint environment to the cloud-based Office 365 (O365) environment can be a complex, costly, and time-consuming process.  That’s why a lot of companies take a piecemeal approach.  Some of the business will stay on-premises, as they move a piece at a time to the cloud. This is a safe […]

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