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An Easy Way to Write HL7(TDS) Messages in XML Format in IIB

The Perficient project lead handling an Enterprise Integration project at one of the largest healthcare providers in the country called me one afternoon and asked me to find a quick solution to write HL7 messages in XML format as some vendors that were being integrated needed the messages in XML. I knew that the solution […]

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Using Gulp and Unicorn within a SCORE scaffolded project

I would like to share some findings from my investigation into the replacement of TDS with alternative open source tools such as Gulp and Unicorn. Gulp is a toolkit that will help you automate painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow, including build operations. Gulp is a pure JavaScript module for NodeJS. JavaScript is […]

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Packaging with TDS and Sitecore 8 Update 3

This will be a really quick one. If you are using TDS and Sitecore 8 Update 3 that just came out yesterday you may see the following when building an .update package: Workaround Use Sitecore.Update.dll from Update 2 as a quick workaround. Solution Charlie Turano from Hedgehog TDS Support Team sent me the updated HedgehogDevelopment.SitecoreProject.PackageBuilder.exe.config […]


.update + .config = Love

There are multiple ways you can bring code and content into your Sitecore instance. Here at BrainJocks we are big fans of TDS, Git, cloud infrastructures, and Atlassian toolset – our local deployments are TDS-powered, our continuous build and deployment vehicle is Elastic Bamboo, and with little PowerShell, curl, and Sitecore.Ship we push code and […]


Helping TDS some more

A few months ago I blogged about helping TDS clean up after file replacement. Today I learned that TDS needs some more help and decided to give it a hand. Built Files When TDS builds your TDS.Master project it goes through various steps to copy your solution files, do file replacements, perform XML config transforms, […]

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Clean up after TDS File Replacement

If you are developing with Sitecore you are probably using TDS. If you are not then you are clearly missing out. You may as well stop reading this post and go check it out first. File Replacement Residue We have posted previously on how to set up your Sitecore solution with TDS and how to […]

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Setting Up a Sitecore Solution – Part 2 TDS and Build Configurations

In my previous posting Setting Up a Sitecore Solution – Part 1 Visual Studio and Projects, we covered the basics of setting up your development instance to work on a Sitecore project, and we defined an empty “shell” of a solution in Visual Studio. To review, here’s our empty shell of a solution: As you […]