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Sitecore database upgrade steps

Previously we did a deep dive in to the prerequisites required for Sitecore database upgrade and steps needed to prepare for it. In this second part of the 3 part blog series, we will go over the steps that need to be performed to do the actual upgrade of databases. Upgrade Steps Go to and […]

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Sitecore database upgrade preparation

Recently my colleagues and I were tasked to upgrade a containerized solution from Sitecore 9.3.0 to 10.3.1 which got me excited as it had been a minute since I had performed a Sitecore upgrade. The upgrade steps have evolved significantly over these years and I was very keen to explore and execute them.   We […]

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Switch SXA Themes Based on Cookie Value

The Requirement There was a requirement to give users the ability to switch the themes of the site. We can have multiple use cases to switch the theme of the site as mentioned below and provide a better user experience. We can show a pop-up on the home page with a message like “Do you […]

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Sitecore Content Serialization Series – Episode 4 – Prerequisites and Modules Configuration

In the previous three episodes of the Sitecore Content Serialization series, we have discussed the introduction to Sitecore Content Serialization, Serialization configuration with Command Line Interface (CLI), and Serialization configuration with Sitecore for Visual Studio (SVS). In this blog, we will continue exploring Sitecore Content Serialization and learn about the complete procedure of item serialization. […]

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Sitecore Content Serialization Series – Episode 03 – Setup using Sitecore for Visual Studio – GUI

In my last two blogs, we discussed the Introduction to Sitecore Content Serialization and Sitecore CLI configuration for SCS. In this blog, we are going to configure the Sitecore for Visual Studio. SVS is also introduced with Sitecore 10 release, and it’s a Visual Studio extension, which gives you a graphical view to interact with […]

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Sitecore Content Serialization Series – Episode 2 – Setup using CLI (Command Line Interface)

In the previous blog, we talked about Introduction to Sitecore Content Serialization, and in this blog, we are going to discuss the configuration required for Sitecore CLI. The Sitecore command line interface is newly introduced with Sitecore 10 release. This tool helps us to communicate with the Sitecore instance and push/pull and publish the serialized […]

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Sitecore Content Serialization Series – Episode 1 – Introduction

In this blog, let’s talk about the introduction to Sitecore Content Serialization. During development, developers move the content changes between numerous environments. Previously this can be done using Unicorn and TDS, and it worked well, but there was only one problem it’s not compatible with each other. As If we configure any one of the […]

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Why to Upgrade Your Sitecore to 10.x

In the business world, strong productivity and agility define success. Partnering with the right digital entities is extremely important for better ROI and brand loyalty. With technological advancement, you may have to upgrade or migrate your CMS altogether. When it comes to Sitecore, go for the latest version. Sitecore 9.1 support ends in December 2021 […]