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Sales Intelligence impact on bottom-line…

In my earlier blog, Salesforce and Predictive Analytics, I was making a point why Salesforce has taken a keen interest in predictive analytics software.  Salesforce has turned the market inside out by taking the complexities of IT and infrastructure delays, and not to mention out-of-the-box implementation features, easy enough for small companies to implement with minimal budget and external help. […]

Salesforce and Customer Master

Salesforce is a boon for companies which can’t take a number and wait for IT to prioritize the implementation. However if adequate data architecture planning is not done, it can end up as a siloed application with Data Quality issues. Many companies don’t have the time to engage the Enterprise team for CRM implementation besides […]

Preparing to Integrate Your Data with Salesforce

Preparing to Integrate Your Data with Salesforce

Without exception, every Salesforce project I’ve managed over the past several years has involved some data integration. Integration is the name of the game: providing more efficient, streamlined processes and better customer insight. This can translate into lower costs and higher sales so its well worth the investment. However, the majority of these projects experienced […]

In-line formula editor for Informatica

Importing Data into Salesforce with Informatica

The need to change the values actually being imported is inevitable when you are importing data into Salesforce. Scary to some, a matter of fact to most , but a way to shine for the users of Informatica . At Perficient we have been able to use the cloud tool Informatica which offers a wide […]

To Merge or Not to Merge Salesforce Orgs?

When a merger, acquisition, consolidation or spin-off takes place, there are often separate #Salesforce Orgs (instances) that reside in different areas of a company. When there are separate CRM systems, it is impossible to roll up performance results to one management dashboard, so analytics will not be powerful/reflective of total business results. Also, you may […]

Mapping for use of external id's

Lookup Relationships with Informatica

Perficient clients are able to leverage a wide range of tools across the broad spectrum of current technologies. Through the course of my experience with Perficient’s Salesforce team I have been able to help implement different types of technical solutions. My blog posts will focus in on various solutions, and I will start with the […]

Battle for Patients

“The empowered patient” makes providers market in new ways

You see the commercials on TV, the alluring websites, digital advertising in airports, on billboards, on the radio, in magazines, everywhere. Let’s face it, the war for patients in healthcare is in full swing. Whether you are a hospital, a physician, a pharmaceutical company or any combination thereof, you are now operating in a highly […]