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Creating Retention Policies for Microsoft Teams

Often times your organization will require you to retain certain data whether it be email, documents, instant messages, etc. However, data retention is often a very tricky subject since some industry regulations may require you to retain content for a minimum period of time (i.e. Sarbanes-Oxley Act) while other content you may only want to […]

Office 365 – Common Confusion with Email Retention Policies

A topic that seems to be surrounded with much confusion in Exchange Online is the concept of “Retention Policies”. While the feature itself is not new to Exchange, for many organizations it seems that establishing their first email retention strategy is coupled with their migration to the cloud. Even for organizations that have a well […]

Office 365 – Five Exchange Online Tasks to Consider (Post-Setup)

You did it! You migrated your organization’s mail environment to Exchange Online. The post-migration dust is starting to settle, the project plan tasks are nearly all checked off and you’re done, you’re finally done. …or are you? Below are a five tasks that can get overlooked when configuring your Exchange Online environment. While some may […]