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Office 365 – Have You Evaluated These Exchange Online Features?

One of the great aspects of Office 365 is that there is no shortage of features and it seems like there are new features added monthly. That said, not all organizations want all of the features and in many cases, Microsoft has enabled these features by default. You may want to roll out these features […]

Office 365 – Can OWA Be A Replacement For Outlook?

I’ve had a few clients recently that have asked about using OWA instead of Outlook as their primary mail client. It’s a valid question given that users are very familiar with web-based email and likely use a similar interface with their personal email. If OWA meets all of your users’ needs, using OWA can help […]

All About ‘Clutter’ – Home Run for Microsoft Office Graph

We all receive email that we may have signed up for (such as a blog posts, newsletter) and that isn’t exactly junk, but is less probable to get our attention. Clutter uses the intelligence of Office Graph to see how important (or unimportant) this email is to you. It learns over time your levels of importance, then […]

Expanding Data Loss Prevention Across Office 365

Continuing from my previous post on Information Rights Management (IRM), today we will focus our discussion at yet another security feature which is essentially part of customer controls, known as Data Loss Prevention aka DLP. DLP provides users with policy tips and detects sensitive information in the context of communication. DLP was first rolled out […]