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Integrate Oracle Sales Cloud w/ Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a cloud-based integration platform designed to perform integrations between cloud-based and on premise applications.  It is packaged with a growing list of application adapters which can be leveraged to greatly reduce the development effort and time.  These adapters are pre-built interfaces that can connect to different applications without coding. Perficient […]

Oracle ICS New Feature Highlights for 16.4.5

In December, Oracle released an update to ICS. Here I call out some new features worth noting: Integrations can now be scheduled to run and accept iCal expressions Expression Builder XPath enhancements support XPath axis and wildcard expressions REST 1.2 support Custom adapter upload and registration for those who create their own adapters Mapping errors […]

Oracle Integration Cloud Service Troubleshooting

While working with ICS, I’ve seen the following issues come up very occasionally: Integrations fail to activate with large stack traces Connection test fails with a general error immediately, without a timeout What works for me in these cases is to log out of the browser session and restart the browser.