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Downloading the New Oracle EPM 11.2 Software

Now that the Hyperion EPM 11.2 software is out, let’s get started by downloading the software. The most common software we are generally asked to install is Planning and HFM. The steps are simple: Go to the Oracle Software site Log in to the site Search for the software Oracle Hyperion Planning Plus […]


Oracle Hyperion 11.2 Upgrade: Is it Right for You?

Perficient presents at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 – live from the show floor, the GM of Perficient’s EPM practice summarizes what’s supported, which features are being deprecated, and what’s coming in the future. If you are an existing Hyperion customer, this 10-minute video will be time well spent. Oracle is making a commitment to its customers […]

How To: Oracle Hyperion FDMEE Import Scripts (Jython)

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) allows the use of scripting in several locations: Import Event Custom Mapping Scripting allows you to work with the incoming data fields and strings to modify them as needed before the data is processed. Use of scripting at different points will allow you to take a […]

Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications? Part 3

From my latest post (Post 2), we talked about starting the process to identify your needs, the importance of a partner and the value of planning ahead.  We will continue down that path in this post.  I’m trying not to spend too much time on gathering project requirements in these posts; however, they are a […]

Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications? Part 2

From my earlier post (Post 1), we talked about what EPM is and how it can help organizations.  This post will focus on starting the process to determine what the organizational needs are.  This is the first step in determining which applications to select and implement.  If at all possible, do not buy your new […]

Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications for Your Needs?

Constant pressure from shareholders and upper management to improve the bottom line are driving factors to business leaders searching for new ways to be more effective and efficient. One of the many tools available to them is Enterprise Performance Management. Broadly defined, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is managing the profitability and performance of your business […]

Discover New HFM Functionality

After teaching several HFM Create & Manage Applications courses, I have found several functionality advantages of HFM User Functionality Greatest user improvement comes in Smart View and the Journals Extension. Users now have to ability to create and manage journal entries in Excel. We know that any time functionality can be completed in […]

How to Migrate an Oracle Hyperion Planning Application

The purpose of this document is to provide a high level overview of the process for migrating EPMA enabled Planning applications between two completely separated environments.  I have made a couple assumptions while writing this that I mention below.  All of this information is available in the references mentions.  I have just tried to provide a […]