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Can You Quantify a Cold?

How do computers see the world?  Can they tell if we are happy?  Can they predict what we are going to have for dinner next Tuesday?  Can they recognize when we are sick? Well, my iPhone can.  Sort of. I was (finally) recovering from a nasty cold last week and I opened the Health app on my phone and noticed that […]

IBM makes life easier for enterprise Mac users

The decades-old conflict between PCs and Apple’s Macs softened a little more this week when IBM unveiled new services that further simplify integration of Macs into cloud-based enterprise environments. IBM and Apple have had a working relationship for years, but thanks to an expansion of IBM’s MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services portfolio, designed specifically to support […]

SharePoint Social on Your iPad!

The SharePoint 2013 Social Newsfeed is now available in Apple’s App Store. That’s right– you can access the social side of your SharePoint intranet on an iPad in a slick, easy-to-use way.  (Please excuse my low-resolution screen shots– there’s much better examples on the official iTunes page.) From a UI perspective, there is a lot […]

Simple Four-Step In-App Registration

One of the primary principles in designing forms for the web is to keep them as simple and easy as possible. You can generally expect about a 15% drop off for every step in the process – literally every field in the form – as each discrete step is  an opportunity for the user to […]

Twenty Open Source iOS Frameworks You Should be Using

Objective-C on the iOS platform continues to rise in popularity. Between iOS and Android platforms, now there are close to 1.6 billion apps. This is a phenomenal number of apps. Given this explosion, it is but natural to see the proliferation of some excellent open source frameworks on social code repositories like Github and Google Code. This […]

Using Azure Storage Services from an iPhone App – Part 2: Building the User Interface

This post has moved. New location Future updates to the series will only be posted to the new location. Intro This is part two of the first series of posts I’m writing on developing native mobile apps using the Windows Azure platform. In the first part, I covered the basic setup of my azure storage, […]

Using Azure Storage Services from an iPhone App – Part 1: Table and Blob setup, Azure iOS toolkit, and Model Classes

Mobile Development Best Practices

From Desktops to Mobile and Smart Phones – Lessons Learned This session at Lotusphere 2012 was presented by Usman Memonand focused on lessons learned and best practices many organizations face today when moving to mobile platforms.  Some of the key lessons learned are highlighted here. Development Approaches and Considerations Users are attempting to access your […]

Enable one-finger-scrolling in SP2010 for iPad and iPhone

You want your iPad users to be able to scroll your SharePoint 2010 site with one finger. It can be done with the two finger swipe but it doesn’t work as well and visitors may not know that. The solution involves using CSS to disable the – ribbon positioning system – so that the ribbon […]

403 Forbidden Error with iPhone When Accessing SharePoint 2010 in Claims Mode

If you’re looking to support iPhone on a SharePoint 2010 site that is configured to use an external identity provider like Ping Federate, ADFS 2.0, or a custom STS, you will likely run into this issue. However, you may notice everything works just fine with iPad. Fortunately, the issue can be reproduced on the desktop […]

50% of Smartphone Buyers Choose Android

By way of Tony Karre who emailed me about it comes this article in Beta News by Joe Wilcox.  It’s a really good article with lots of IDC and Nielsen data laying out what’s been happening with smartphones and market share over the last year.  He also notes a skew against Android by these IDC […]

Mobility at Verizon Wireless

You’ve all probably heard of Verizon.  Supporting 94 million customers presents quite a challenge. They are at IBM’s Impact conference talking about what they’ve done.  They had quite the crew ranging from the architects to the developers. Verizon wireless manages their own development, their own network, and their own systems.  That gives Verizon unique access […]

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