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Navigating The Terrain after IBM’s Sale of Watson Commerce

The “Amazon effect” and other convenient online shopping experiences have skyrocketed consumer expectations. You can buy just about anything via the web, mobile apps, and more recently, with devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home. For brands to keep up with these expectations, commerce platform solutions are evolving just as quickly. In the last few […]

K-12 Education’s Future Lies in the Cloud

Though high school was more than a decade ago, I still maintain contact with many of my teachers through Facebook. Around this time of the year, many of them begin ramping up for the school year, commenting on the assigning of homework, the personalities of their classes, and the hopes the term will bring. A […]

An IBM WebSphere Application Server Architecture Using AWS

Target audience: Mid to Highly skilled Linux, WAS and AWS admins. WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and WAS based Products have built-in capacity to be highly available(HA) and auto scale. This article gives one of many potential WAS Architecture designs that utilize AWS components. The picture below depicts a WAS Cell with an HA WAS deployment […]

How to Configure a SQL Data Source in Datapower Gateway

The database has become a vital component of any enterprise’s IT structure. Databases continue to provide more and more sophisticated options than versions we have seen in previous years. IBM Datapower gateway is designed to connect to most of the popular databases. In his most recent post, Technical Consultant, Karthik Selvaraj walks you through the steps to […]

Configure SQL data source in IBM Datapower Gateway

IBM DataPower Gateway is a purpose-built security and integration platform for mobile, cloud, API, SOA and B2B workloads. The current business model for nearly all industries relies mostly on data. The database has become a very important component of an enterprise’s IT structure providing more sophisticated and flexible options than the databases available a decade before. […]