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Seeing Shifts: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals 2014

Gartner has released its Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals 2014 and it contains some interesting surprises.  For the first time in several years, Gartner has moved IBM and Liferay ahead of the other vendors in both vision and execution ability. The leaders for 2014 are still the same leaders as in 2013 and 2012. For […]

Are Portals Really Dead?

Are Portals Really Dead?

So lately I’ve been seeing a new class of web site that leans more towards custom development than a horizontal portal.   The factors influencing  a custom development approach mainly fall into the proliferation of Web/RESTful services and better front end tooling in AngularJS, Bootstrap, and similar items.  Both Forrester and Gartner have labeled horizontal […]

How to successfully implement a Portal

This morning at the Gartner Portal, Content, and Collaboration Summint, Gartner analyst Jim Murphy, presenting 7 Portal Pitfalls. He’s also written numerous papers on the topic. It’s also interesting to note that our own Michael Porter and Glen Kline also maintain a list of Portal misdemeanors. This was the most popular event I’ve attended this far. […]

Light green security rating

Horizontal Portals vs Vertical Portals, Security

This is the last of the series.  Here’s the other parts of this whole thing. User Interface Backend Integration Search Multi-site support Content Personalization   What do I mean by security? So security can mean many things.  I don’t want to only focus on whether , the web site is encrypted and behind a login […]

red rating for vertical portal personalization

Horizontal vs Vertical Portal, Personalization

This is an ongoing series. Here are the predecssors: UI Backend Integration Search Multi-site support Content Management It used to be that the most common question regarding portal was about Single Sign On (SSO).  Lately, Personalization (PZN) seems to have overtaken it.  Almost every client I talk to these days ranks personalization very high in […]

Red rating for vertical portals and content management

Horizontal Portals vs Vertical Portals, Managing Content

Yes, this is a continuing series.  I’ve covered a number of topics already. This is the fifth in the series. User Interface Backend Integration Search Multisite support Feel free to check them out. So what about Content? So any site these days demands serious content management capabilities.  Most companies these days want a fantastic portal […]

Horizontal vs Vertical Portal: Search

You may be interested in the other parts of this series: Kickoff UI Integration   Search lately has become very important to almost every single portal client.  Most users still complain about how bad the existing search is. They complain about it’s counter-intuitiveness.  They complain about how you can’t find anything. Really what they are […]

Horizontal vs Vertical Portal: Backend Integration

You may be interested in my other posts in this series Kickoff UI In this post, I want to focus on the back end integration.  No portal can act on its own.  Most portals need to make calls to various backend systems.  Some do it better than other. Vertical Portals with Integration Vertical portals have […]

Horizontal vs Vertical Portals: The User Interface

So I started a series on whether you should take a look at vertical portal solutions for your industry or whether you should just go with a horizontal portal vendor.   Today I want to take a look at the user interface.  In many ways, the UI provides some of the highest value to end users […]

Horizontal Portals vs Vertical Portals, a Series

  In a number of industries, companies have built custom built web sites or portals.  I’ve seen it in healthcare and in government for example.  While I cannot claim to be a complete expert on every single vertical portal out there.  I’ve seen enough to get a broad general outline.   These types of portals can […]